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Learn how you need to show up, so you can bank more profits in your biz!

No, I haven’t lost my mind, but you will after watching this week’s video blog, where I talk about how owning your value will drive more profits in your biz. Just as simple as that! Mic Drop.

Time Stamped Show Notes

Hey, guys. Cat Stancik here with Action Incubator, and I'm here to bring you a message. Now, this is a good one…

What do you know about becoming the ambassador of QUAN? Now, we all know the movie Jerry Maguire, "Show me the money." [00:00:30] You got to say it loud and proud, right? What is that really about?

Being the ambassador of QUAN is that next level of show me the money. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, when you're talking about the QUAN it means love, respect and community, and it means the dollars, too. Hey, you got to have it all, baby.

What do I mean when I'm talking [00:01:00] about the ambassador of QUAN in terms of how you show up? Well, there's three things that actually help you really resonate and get connected to being the ambassador of QUAN.

Now, the first  are your values. This is how and what you value. It's just as important also to know not only what it is that you value but the things that you don't value. Sometimes it's not always clear as to all the things that we value, but we can definitely help identify [00:01:30] what we do value by what we don't. You got to get really connected to the things that you value because those are really attached to how you're going to make that next level in your business and in your life.

Now, the second thing is your work. This is how you love. How do you respect yourself and what you do also demonstrates how you respect others and what they do. Your work is how you love. That's that respect [00:02:00] component. We talked about that.

Your passion, that's the third thing. This is why you love. This is about you building that impact and that community in order to support you to create and accomplish that impact that you want to have in the world.

Remember, it's your passions, your values and your work.

I want to invite you to take some time to think about how you're showing up. How [00:02:30] is it that you are really encompassing being the ambassador of QUAN because those three things are going to lead to the coin.

Join my Facebook group and tell us, and this is also a community for you to be able to start building and having that support that you need and tell us, tell me what is it that you value, what is it that you're going to go on and be doing and what is it that you're passionate about? I'll see you guys on the flip side. Bye.

3 key points

  • Get more coin by being the QUAN
  • your passions, your values and your work... how you show up is how you'll get more QUAN
  • Clearly identify what you value most

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