Frankly my dear – How to delegate more effectively

Getting stuck working too much in your business – check out this easy way to identify what to delegate first!

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What to systematize in your business - Here is a quick and easy exercise to help you identify exactly what to delegate first!

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Hi it's Cat Stancik with Action Incubator here, and I want to talk to you about delegation. Yeah, again. But you know what, frankly my dear, I don't give a damn, you needs to delegate that.

I'll say one thing for Scarlett O'Hara, [00:00:30] woman knew what she wanted and did what she needed to do to get it done. Now, I may not agree with all her decisions, but she knew how to get shit done, you gotta give her that credit.

When it comes to pursuing your dreams and big goals, a key component that you can leverage so that you can do more of  the work you love, is to delegate what you don't love doing. I can't say it enough, you do not have to do everything [00:01:00] in your business. I'm making eye contact, do you see me?

Here's an exercise to help you quickly identify the things that you can delegate now that are going to increase your revenues in your business. Yeah, that's hot shit.

Make a quick list of all the things that you do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Then I want you to go through that list and rank them one two or three in terms of what you prefer and love doing, right. Number one are going to be the [00:01:30] things that you love love doing, like I dunno, you could love filing, I hate that shit. Number two is going to be things that you like doing and number three are going to be the things that you hate doing, again filing for me would be number three. I can't stand it.

Now you're going to go back through that list, and you're going to rank those tasks in terms of what is easily delegatable. It's not a word I think, but what you can easily delegate. So that's going to be A, B and C, [00:02:00] so we're going to try the different tasking here.

A is going to be what's easiest to delegate, B is going to be medium, and C's going to require a lot more effort. Now, in terms of ABC-ing it, I want you to think in terms of documentation here, and how to hand it off. If you're talking about filing for example, that's pretty easy to delegate. So that's going to be an A, whereas I don't know, making sales calls, that might be something that [00:02:30] is more in your wheelhouse and so that's going to require a lot more documentation to make sure those sales convert. That's a different rabbit hole to go down, but I just want to give you an idea as to what an A would be and what a C would be.

Yay, you now have a list of things you can quickly delegate to someone. I want you to look for the combination of 3A. 3’s are going to be the things that you hate doing, and A’s are going to be the stuff you can easily delegate. Get those 3A’s delegated [00:03:00] first. Then you're going to look at the 2A’s, right, things you don't really like doing, or you like it but you can easily delegate them and so on and so forth.

Feel free to download my delegation prioritization form in the link below. You can determine the next high impact task to increase your revenues now, because remember, if you're doing things that you hate, you're costing the business money because you could be doing things that you love that's going to be generating revenues. Make sure [00:03:30] you download the form, and I'll talk to you guys soon. Bye.

3 key points

1) Only do the work you love
2) If you do work you hate, you're costing yourself money
3) Download the easy form to help you prioritize what to delegate next

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