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In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Amanda Abella, an award-winning content creator, keynote speaker, and business coach. Amanda specializes in helping business owners activate their persuasion prowess to make more money and live a more affluent life. Amanda spent a decade as a financial writer and wrote content for Wells Fargo, Discover, Credit Karma, Santander, and more. Today, Amanda shares her insights on generating sales, making more money, and living a more affluent life.

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People can sell and who can’t sell
For Amanda, she doesn’t need a fraction of a salesperson; she requires a whole salesperson. And then, you should follow the rule of sales, and you run a sales agency. You need to utilize your skills because everyone can sell something.
Learn how to sell
Amanda has a lesson about masculine and feminine energy in sales in our sales training because there is a lot of confusion. You hear a lot of the women are the more feminine energy being work with women.
In selling, you should know the difference between passive, assertive, and aggressive as knowing where you fall on the spectrum. Passive is basically like you value yourself less than the person you are speaking with. Aggressive looks like the example that Amanda started this podcast with. And then assertive, would it be like, great, I hear you. And it’s like, we are both equally valuable.
“Sales” is a dirty word
The other thing is people have, don’t understand what sales are like sales is a dirty word. And that on top of that, sales training is helping people understand everybody’s fucked up when it comes to money. Everybody’s got some level of money, trauma; people don’t typically know how to talk about money. So money can be a very reactionary thing, suitable for people. So it understands that part of it.
Solve Bigger Problems
In Amanda’s sales training, they’re helping people develop their products and messaging because that’s a big mistake. She sees people don’t fully understand their products and their messaging, and their audiences. So we have to go through like five weeks before she can even train you to make sales.
Marketing Starts and Sales Starts
Marketing gets you the lead sales receives the money in the bank. So how you’re getting starts the process sales, ends it right. So this is how I’m seeing it happen online.
Don’t focus on Short Outcome
Most people who don’t understand sales would be like these brain pickers. Whereas if you understood sales, this is where sales come in. You would know how to have a conversation where you can prequalify them find out if they have a problem you can solve. And then they get on the phone and close them.

No – it’s just redirection
When you start getting to sales, and we teach, like prospecting and prequalifying, and like people, their brains explode because they’re like, oh, my God, I’ve been sitting on all these leads the whole time. It’s more listening than talking. You’re just asking a bunch of questions. You got to find out if they have a problem you can solve? You do that by asking questions.
Money Story
It’s not Your Money Story is the culture or everybody’s money story. You basically have to work on your own shit, and then you won’t get triggered by other people.

Enjoy working
Amanda shares that she spent two and a half years building out systems and infrastructure and training and, God knows what else and training employees, and I didn’t like it. But it was going to get me to where she wanted to go so that she could be enjoyed. And I get to do things that she loves and enjoys, like being on a podcast, she loves doing it, but she makes more money when she does that. There’s a difference.
Building your Brand
The first step is you have to stop trading your time for money. You have to have an actual product. That’s not you, you created the product, but it’s not you.
Embrace Feminine Energy
First, we ask them, “do you want to have the marketing out there?” Build this content over time, learn the art of sales, and learn how to put yourself out there. And then you can use the content that you’re creating over time to support the sale or guess what they’re going to tell you what content to make anyway.
Do that all that emotional charge about the money, all that charge about seeing dollar signs on people. You’ll allow yourself room to make mistakes because you need to make the money steaks. So really make that the focus and not the money, and that helps people move that charge, and then you make money as a result.

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