Revenue Accelerator with Amber Dancy

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Amber Dancy, an operation strategist. Amber always asks the right questions and provides a tailored plan for your company when things go wrong. Today, Amber shares about her insights on scalable processes, delegations, and finding cohesion with your team.

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Dealing with people doing more than they should be


People are holding on to their thoughts, not because they want to do them but because they are on autopilot. It’s all about bringing those thoughts to the surface, asking the right questions, and figuring it all out.

Identifying the processes


Every business is different. It depends what is your current focus and where you are at in your business. It is important to discuss:

  1.     Money process – where and how the money comes in and out.
  2.     Deliverable process – understanding the client experience and what your client’s thoughts about your business
  3.     Task management – how do you hold on to your task and does your team know what to do?


These processes are the easiest place to start if you have plans to scale. Build from there and when you get it all out, you can now figure out what you need to do next.

Delegation and documentation


Start with the small things and be upfront—especially if there are new team members coming in and you are feeling resistant to trust them to your process.


Take your bias out and if simple things cause you time, talk to your team members and start from there—it becomes quicker and easier.

Working things out


We live in a fast-paced world where things change quickly. People think that process and documentation are one-time-fits-all solutions, where it’s not. The best person who can review when things went wrong is the person who does it. If it does not work, bring in outside perspectives—because they will see things that other people don’t.


Screen capture or record it. You can document it back when you are not busy. If you are bringing in new team members, assign it to them instead—they can get involved with the processes and get familiar with things at the same time.



Stop overthinking and pick one out of all the processes that run through your head.


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