Revenue Accelerator with Amy Walker

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Amy Walker, a client acquisition specialist. Amy helps her clients find the simplest and most cost-effective way to create a consistent revenue for their business. She formulates her strategies heavily emphasizing on sales and marketing to ultimately line up your plans with a strategy that you can be successful with.

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Coming up with Strategies


Many entrepreneurs realized they are doing their strategies the wrong way. Just like how Amy spent a lot of money only to comprehend that she spend most of in marketing without the appropriate sales strategy to back it up. She watched her clients spends tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars working with “Facebook Gurus” and not come up with sales justified for the price. Amy prove their sales system and client acquisition first before asking her clients to put money.


Restructure you’re a high-end and high-relevant offers because you don’t need to a huge lead volume to deal with as long as you meet the revenue goal. This pandemic, where problems pops almost every second, is your best opportunity to figure out what to fix and position it to a high price point. Next, figure out who is the right client for your offer and most importantly, have an irresistible ask that would want them to say “Yes.”

How to get people say “Yes”


The objective is to get them to a meaningful relationship-building conversation with a bridge script that will transition into a sales experience. Amy shares her top three performing strategies:

  • Hosting a quarterly online summit
  • Inviting people to her podcast to start that “conversation”
  • Ensuring that you have the right closing strategies and sales support without doing everything yourself.

Things you can do


Play to your strengths and figure out what you want to do. Doing interviews like podcasting creates a quick conversation because you can book someone, have a sales conversation, then close. Online events like lead generation events and selling events are excellent for high-volume leads.

What should be your mindset


When you go into a conversation, always have the mindset that you can add value to any person and at the same time, that person provides value to you – it goes both ways. Operate under the assumption that all humans are amazing. See how your connection with them works out because conversation can lead to something mutually beneficial with confidence to “your value.”

What doesn’t work


Facebook ad funnels is the number one culprit. Many people are urging you to jump in without the proven sales scripts convert and whether your offer is positioned well or webinar that leads people to sale. Stop thinking that your “Facebook Gurus” business model works for you because these people spends tens of thousands to millions a month – and you don’t want to spend that much. Running a launch model without an email list is not a great idea as well.

Where to start


Build a client acquisition funnel. Try it, and if it works then add another. You don’t need to do multiple things at once and even though you need seven different lead generation strategies, do it one step at a time. Don’t immediately jump to another strategy when the first one failed. Stick to it, tweak it and figure out what works and not.

Words of Wisdom


Business is not magical, it’s formulaic. When you are facing challenges and struggles, don’t take it personally. You are still great, brilliant and smart. A hole existed somewhere in your system that foiled everything, and you need a second eyes to see it—you can’t see the picture when you are the frame.


Resources Mentioned

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