Revenue Accelerator with Briana Cavanaugh

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Brianna Cavanaugh, a financial bliss mentor and CEO of a bookkeeping and financial education company called bliss. Brianna helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their businesses, with love and profits. Today, Brianna shares her insights on building a successful business.

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Challenges throughout the Journey 


There's always going to be something that you're going to have to learn and grow to be profitable. If you want more, if you're going to employ people, you want to move to the next level and continue to want to grow.

Mindset Support


Every client needs mindset support to get to the next level of success. Without it, they can look at the numbers and be like, this is great, but they can't overcome their deal.

Rewriting your limbic system


Deep breathing, meditation and a milky oat tincture can help calm your nervous system. Everybody has money, anxiety, and this thing where there is a thing, I still want an activist community with where people are like, we hate wealthy people. And if you have money, we're like mad at you, or you're doing the wrong thing. So you have to deal with this.  A lot of that is the willingness to open whatever the door is.

Inverse correlation work and income


Entrepreneurs think it's a direct correlation because they've always worked for money. At different levels, your business model is going to change.  You have to look at hitting six figures, you are going to be ready to leverage probably. If you are reaching a million, you will probably have to leverage again, where you're putting in middle management or some way of managing your team.

Time Budget and Money Budget


Your Money budget is a budget, and your time budget is your calendar. If you haven't done work around your values or what I call your noble qualities, there's a lack of focus.


Probability hacks


Most people are not planning in any way to be profitable. They're preparing for more; they're planning to have enough. But it turns out more than enough are not numbers.

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