Revenue Accelerator with Casey Williams

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Casey Williams, an accountant serving coaches, consultants, service providers, and digital marketers across the United States. She left the corporate sector to pursue her dream of assisting others in living a financially stress-free existence. She speaks on the health benefits of a solid financial foundation while establishing her accountancy practice. Casey worked in public accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax before launching her own company. Before that, she worked as an implantation lead for a consulting firm, where she enjoyed advising clients on the advantages of implementing processes and procedures.

Today, Casey shares her insights on getting in control of your company’s finances will not only help you maximize deductions, but you’ll also eliminate the stress and confusion that slows down your earning potential.

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Managing a firm properly


Casey has people in various places. They are the largest employer in their town with 15 employees in their bakery and have 7 employees in the accounting firm. She started the bakery and the accounting firm without a process or system. As her business grown and changed, procedures have changed. But you still have to have those processes in place for everybody and be on the same page. 

The primary process you should look at


Casey’s biggest thing with the mechanic shop is building a good client base, and word of mouth amplified it. You should pick a specific niche that you want to work in and narrow that niche down. And the smaller the niche got, the better the business would be. 

More Clients


Most of her clients come from referrals, which has allowed them to be the go-to person for accounting. Getting referred is a testament to your ability to deliver results. 

Empowering Referrals


For the tax side, Casey only sees her clients once or twice a year. When they pick up their pocket that has a coupon, it gives her an opportunity to mention it with a client. Casey also mentions sometimes that she got a referral from someone. It’s a subtle way to say she does take referrals.

Supporting Clients


Taxes are usually your most significant expense in business, whether it’s people or taxes. As an accountant, you have to look at where you can cut those costs, and it’s not uncommon for accountants to talk about income streams. 

Advice for Hiring


Look more at the personality rather than just the skill set. How is this person going to interact with the rest of the team? Since Casey hires both remote and non-remote, she does a fair amount of journaling first to prepare herself until she gets to a point where she is now ready to hire.


Casey does mental work before putting out the job description of what she wants. Because then, she can tailor that job description to what she looks for more in a personality position than skill set.



If you’re looking to start a business, it’s easier to outsource than hire an employee. You can control the hours that you hire them and manage that budget that goes into that.

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