Revenue Accelerator with Chelsea Marie

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Chelsey Marie, a brand and web designer for visionary entrepreneurs. Chelsey is dedicated and driven in helping her clients convert their clients through every aspect of their online presence. Today, Chelsey shares her thoughts about branding and how to become a champion of your brand.

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What is branding?


Traditionally, branding is your identifying mark represented through a logo. Now, Chelsey defined branding as anything and everything that can leave a first impression. It only takes three seconds for someone scrolling in their social media platforms to make a decision whether to click “read more” or scroll away for good.

Three concepts of branding


There are three concepts of branding:

  1.     First. People coming to you because of who you are.
  2.     Second. Identifying your target demographic and being someone who can help them address their problems.
  3.     Third. Understanding yourself and having the vision for your business model on how you can scale it and the products and services that you will offer.

Four steps to confidence


There are four steps to gain confidence in your brand and how you are showing up:

  1.     Courageous. Be courageous to show up and let go of perfection.
  2.     Commitment. Understand your vision and be committed to your dream and your dream clients.
  3.     Consistency. Be consistent with what you put out.
  4.     Changeable. As you evaluate yourself, be flexible to changes as you grow and scale your brand.

Do you need a website?


Chelsey argued that you don’t need a website if you want to sell something. A website is built to scale and grow your business to a new level because at some point, your brand will be massive that your social will not be enough at some point. If you build your website, it has to be with the intention of converting your visitors and it should align to your business model.

Biggest website building mistake


According to Chelsey, one of the biggest mistakes of building a website is to make it all about yourself and creating an extremely complicated copy. Even with all the fancy words and titles, if you are not talking to people, they don’t care about you unless they know what you can do for them. People also create long copy before seeing anything that actually matters, making things worse.

Parting words


Be genuinely brave. It takes a huge amount of bravery to be who you are and put it out there where people can judge you easily. The braver you are, the more visibility you can get, and the more business opportunities there is.

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