Revenue Accelerator with Christine McAlister

In this episode, our guest is the Queen of Podcast Guesting, Christine McAlister. Christine is a media coach and strategist, passionate about helping impact-driven entrepreneurs attract their next-level clients by being value-driven podcast guests. She’s generated six figures for herself and has helped people do the same for themselves. She is recognized as the best in the world at podcast guesting by seven-figure founders like John Lee Dumas and Dana Wilde. Today, Christine will talk about podcast guesting, how to start a podcast, and how you can monetize your podcast and connect with people.

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Christine’s Purpose
Christine tends to attract people who are very heart-centered and mission-driven. She loves to do the work where she helps people own their greatness. Her business is in honor of her late daughter. Christine’s working on a mission to elevate consciousness by helping important voices become heard.
Podcast Guesting
Christine says that no one likes being used. Being a podcast guest is about understanding your story, which not only empowers you. The host wants to create a relationship with you, which facilitates opportunities.
Being a podcast guest is about being a good value-driven human being and applying those values to the platform. You need to think of how you can win friends and influence people, and you must find a way to get connected and relate to other people’s energy. Realize what privilege you have been invited onto a platform and that you are paying to edit or promote the host to endorse you to his audience.
How Podcasting Connects People
Christine finds that when it is an energetic personality fit, people become huge cheerleaders for each other. People will bring you into their masterminds or each other’s high-level programs. She thinks it is because they do not offer that service. Many people get invited into exclusive masterminds that are not advertised anywhere. They get invited if they are a perfect fit or have what they need from each other.
Identifying the Best Strategy for People to Leverage
Christine says it depends on how people’s business is set up. It depends upon them and their team on how they welcome and nurture incoming leads. Getting the best strategy for people to leverage when it comes to monetizing depends on their business positioning and how they handle leads.
What Christine finds fascinating is that even people earning more than her are often reluctant to share vulnerably. In her case, Christine decided to start her business for the reason that requires vulnerability. People buy from people they want to be in the room. You just need to connect with people. Podcasting is a leveraged way to do it. But one should look at the main pillars for the person who wants to guest in a podcast.
Create Tangible Offers
You want to offer one thing that is very tangible to the guest. You must offer one clear, free call to action at the end of each episode that created podcast offers alignment. One that makes some sense between the conversation.
Connecting with a Podcast Guest from the Internet
A guest is essentially still a stranger on the internet to the audience. The psychological safety required with a stranger on the internet is like getting a first tattoo. But in that moment of your first tattoo, you will have this perception of being on a pedestal because the guest was on a podcast. If you allow the audience to create to access something that they want that doesn’t require getting over fear and that allows them to dip their toe in rather than like those skinny dipping with you, then you’re creating a much wider net because the number of people who will take you up on that.
Checklist for High-Achievers
Christine’s checklist is a podcast testing checklist. It is meant to summarize and give you everything that you need to know about podcasting. You can simply grab it for free at
How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur
The most important thing you can do to be a successful entrepreneur is to grow in your self-trust. There are options out there other than what big influencers offer. Identifying what is aligned with you is the best path to a sustainable business that you can have because you want to show up for it. It’s going to be fun and energizing. Having that adds passion, and you add energy and all of those things back into your business, and you get to keep helping more people and helping yourself.

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