Revenue Accelerator with Claire Jones

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Claire Jones, a small business consultant and strategist who helps people scale their business without burning out in the process. Claire believes that success does not always need to be equated with suffering, and that’s what sets her apart from the competition. Today, Claire shares her thoughts about relationship-based marketing and the significance of building your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA).

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The AHA moment


It took many trial and error for Claire before finding out what’s best for her. She tried all structures, guidelines, and recommendation from the “experts.” It was not ideal for her and it did not provide results she desired—it felt “salesly”, spammy, and pitchy.



It all starts with connection. Claire approaches her clients, right from the start, if they are on the same page and if they resonate with one another. She focuses on the relationship rather than the same, because it is most likely to turn into sale down the road.

Ideal Client Avatar


Know your ideal client and understand what platform to show up. Platforms does not mean social media exclusively, but other platforms also like magazines, blogs, online reviews, etc. It’s about choosing your marketing efforts intentionally, based on your ideal client’s usage of the platform.

Tracking your relationships


Claire utilizes CRM software not just for clients and customers but for every business relationship she built. It is fine when people drop in or out from the list, but make the conscious effort weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even quarterly to check and nurture those relationships—especially during this pandemic where it becomes easier.

Wasting time


Claire observed how most people spent their time on content creation. It is important but it does not lead to relationships. Creative people should do a reality check about the purpose of what they wanted to do and if it leads to desired results. Perfectionism is also one factor why time is wasted. Humans are imperfect—stop wasting time trying to show up as a perfect being.

Parting words


You don’t have to suffer for the sake of growth. Keep in mind that you don’t need to burn yourself out to succeed.

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