Revenue Accelerator with Connie Kadansky

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we invited Connie Kadansky. Connie is a well-known expert in the field of call reluctance. Coach-certified, conversant-intelligent, she is an expert at finding the roadblocks that prevent financial advisors from prospecting effectively. Today, you will learn some of the reasons why salespeople avoid prospecting, overcoming performance obstacles, how to recognize if you have “sales call reluctance,” and why rejections are not always about you.

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Who is Connie Kadansky?


Connie is a Sales Call Reluctance Coach. Sales call reluctance is an emotional hesitation to proactively prospect and self-promote. For 24 years, Connie has been helping salespeople intellectualizing, prospecting, and getting comfortable and consistent with their outreach.

Sales is all about the mindset


Sales is all about the mindset. It requires emotional resiliency and understanding of the body and the brain so that people can get into the mindset of “accelerating revenue.” 

What is Sales Call Reluctance?


There the two places where sales call reluctance shows that there’s just not enough generated activity. First, how many new appointments do you have on your calendar this week? And second, is how much money is in your bank account? 


Salespeople are not getting in front of enough prospects.

Getting the Work Done


The first thing is people need to become aware of it. The second thing is to assess it, and people can go to Connie’s website to determine if you have sales call reluctance or not. The third step is to admit that you are experiencing a sales call reluctance. The fourth step is to apply proven, cognitive-behavioral, and neuroscience techniques to overcome that fear because the call reluctance is fear—it’s a mental response to a perceived threat. 

Difference Between Someone Takes Accountability for the Job vs. A Simple Entrepreneur


Selling is solving people’s problems for a profit. Part of the mindset is recognizing that “I am an essential piece of the success puzzle.” Selling relates to providing the right offer for the person you truly believe can support to achieve a result.

Rejections? It’s not about YOU!


It’s not about you, but we make it about ourselves. Even when it comes to somebody saying no, it’s not about you. If somebody is going to be rude on a call, it’s just a timing issue. It’s not rejection.

Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance


Most of the time, when people call reluctance, they’re angry at themselves. They have some conflict within themselves. The first thing is to just empathize with where they’re at and use an exercise of coming from the prospects’ perspective. Ask yourself, “What could their perspective be about my outreach?”


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