Revenue Accelerator with Cory Carter and Ron Cool

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, our guest is Cory Carter and Ron Cool. They are the Founders of Hindsight Hacking Media, an interactive + engagement agency that guides and nurture companies to help them focus on impacting the world around them. Cory and Ron go both ways regarding what they do with podcasting. And today, they will share how you can have success with podcasting.

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What people don’t know about podcasting
People don’t realize that they think they will have listeners when they launch a podcast right away. If you can launch the best proper way, hit the charts, get the algorithms working in your favor, that can have the long-term effect for a successful podcast. Many podcasters also lack consistency, which is the first way a podcast could fail. People are hung up on the “perfect” mentality even before the podcast starts.
Where People Create Success with their Podcast
You want to promote your podcast in certain places throughout the week. You want to talk about your podcast on other people’s shows. You have to be able to get the word out there. If you have a guest on your show, then hopefully, there’s a mix of promotions. That guest helps build your audience, and if you also want to have raving fans of that show, you need to do the solo episodes and be that subject matter expert.
There’s no right or wrong way other than being consistent. Promote as much as you can and talk about as much as possible. Just set a little goal.
Differentiating Different platforms
If you do a Facebook Live, download it. Do any edits you want, put an intro and an outro on it, and put it on iTunes. And then the same thing with the YouTube, put some graphics on it and set the right thumbnail. So you have your how to have what you’re talking about, the little caption, and put it on YouTube. Remember that a podcast must be everywhere as much as possible.

Importance of an Intro and an Outro
People react to things in different ways. Learning enables you to hit them in various aspects, and you’re meeting your listener where they want to be met. An intro and an outro is a commercial about the show and your product, and it’s a call to action to go check out your stuff after they’ve listened to it.
Podcasting Strategies that WORK
Most businesses are built on relationships, whether one-to-one or one-to-many. Cory and Ron’s main revenue stream with podcasting is their direct relationship with guests, and having guests on their shows lets them build relationships.
Repurposing and Recasting Content
Repurposing content is getting tidbits or things out to people that will truly benefit them to get them unstuck or move forward. And a recast is no different, which allows you to talk about things differently than other podcasters would. So it’s a great way to keep you as a subject matter expert.
Just Be Real
Wherever the conversation goes, just be real and don’t try to add the fluff. Just have some fun in the real conversation. And if you’re interviewing people, just have fun with the conversations with your guests. If any of those guests get off track, reel them back in to keep it away from stuff that’s not as important for your show.
Getting your Voice Heard
Start getting your voice out there. Find a way to repurpose, so if you’re already doing a consistent Facebook Live, find a way to repurpose it. There’s a way to make it, so you go all the places with that content. Get that message out there. You don’t have to have the big studio setup. You can do it at a low cost. So just then, get your message out there

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