Revenue Accelerator with Dana Corey

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, our guest is Dana Corey. She is a business strategist, coach, and CEO of Dana Corey Coaching. She is a trusted advisor combining nuts and bolts strategy with walk-beside-you partnership amplifying high-performance entrepreneurs. Her passion is transforming entrepreneurs who feel trapped by the job they’ve created into CEOs who enjoy the freedom they started their journey for. Today, Dana will share her insights about running our business by stepping into the leadership role.

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The Way You See the World


All of Dana’s clients get to mid-six figures by themselves. Getting there means that they are intelligent, innovative, willing to take a risk, and learn what they need to know at their core. But all of a sudden, they hit a wall. Everything they’ve used before to get them to where they are is not taking them to the next place. They think that what they’re missing is something that they don’t know. If you give them some knowledge, they can go that little extra bit. But it’s not the knowledge or action that is missing. It’s a shift in the way they see the world and themselves in the world.

The Limits of our Brain


When people hear the word mindset, they start to think of feeling good or right, but it’s different. If we compare our brains to computers, they have an operating system which invisible to laypeople. They’re just using the computer. So there’s so much that you can do with it. But you do hit the limits. And humans have a limit too where we experience reality as if everybody shares the same reality as we do. 


Because of our limits, we only have one direction that we see. What shows up or occurs as a problem or challenge is how the world works, and that is the truth.

Open your eyes to the truth


If you’re willing to admit to yourself that your way of seeing things is not the only way of seeing things, the world opens up in ways that were invisible to you before. There are things that you can see that you couldn’t see back. And that gives you opportunities and ways of interpreting the world, problems, and challenges that have been in front of you differently. That opens up possibilities for solutions in a different way.



There’s a point where people can do it open their eyes on their own, but it just takes longer. How you interpret the world and how you see the world depends really on how hard-headed you are.

Being Blind to the Real Problem


What tips people off is that they keep banging their heads against some limit. They keep doing everything they hear other people are doing to get past that, and they can’t. And if you’re doing all the right things and it’s still not working, it’s you that is the problem and not the thing.

The Fear of Letting go of control


People think that they need to work harder. They start working more hours which is never the answer. Then they hire somebody to do one particular thing because they think they will help with the problem, but that’s not the answer. But understanding that not micro controlling everything is the answer and is willing to not be in control. You have to give your brain permission to let go of that stuff so that you back up and the circle of what you can see gets bigger.

Step into the Leadership Role


You have to own the fact that you’re the CEO. And holding it is stepping in and being the leader. It’s both a confidence issue and willingness to lead your way. You have to do it your way instead of looking at all the other leaders out there and thinking that you have to do it that way. It’s like going from being an employee of your business to moving into being the leader. You have to acknowledge who you are as the visionary and not the implementer.


Look at the things you’re doing in your business that only you could do and the things you’re doing in your business that somebody else could do. Then separate those two things and figure out how you can delegate. And also know how to find the people who are better at doing the things they do well so that they are taking it past where you could have taken it anyway. That gives you the time and space to be the visionary you need to be a business leader.

Getting Out to Get Back in 


Even if you are fighting against something, you can end up there. You can get to the point where it is not where you were headed. Then the fear starts. You are in a place where it’s all going to blow up, or your life will become miserable. You’ll lose people that matter, and that freedom that started your business in the first place is nowhere to be found. You don’t know what it’s going to take to get there. But you become desperate to get there. 

Loving your Business


People who are business owners are multi-passionate. They have many things that they’re interested in. They’re curious, and most of them are readers. There are things they want to do that they’ve put in a drawer and set aside for the time they’re free. They get to this place where they’re held prisoner, and that door looks locked shut. They have to unlock that door to have a business that supports them financially, and with the time and the ability to go play around in their drawer of passions that they have put aside on a rainy day.

Dana’s Parting Words to the Audience


Take a deep breath and stop knocking your head against a wall. Take a deep breath and look around. Because you can’t see your blinders, you have to find somebody willing to tell you the things that you can’t see. You have to be keen to hear them. Find somebody that will walk through with you and is willing to tell you the truth. Entrepreneurship does not have to be lonely.


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