Revenue Accelerator with Dana Moore

In this episode of The Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Dana Moore. Dana is a Reiki Master who helps small business solopreneurs and entrepreneurs be spiritually grounded in order for them to scale their businesses while maintaining a sense of limitless possibility. Today, Dana shares the importance of being grounded, knowing what you want, and keeping yourself in check.

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When is the right time to evolve?


Dana finds it ironic that chaos is the main reason why people evolve. The constant questioning if you can still do more but hesitant if you are doing the right thing is the reason why you need to evolve.

State of Lack vs. Desire


Maintaining yourself in the space of indecision is the culprit of why you hold yourself back. Stop being passive-aggressive because indecision means no action taken, and without action taken, there’s no results to see. It is crucial to identify your goals, talk about your core values, and see if your actions align with your core values.

Why should you be connected to your “why”?


Desire does not equate to having action taken. If you keep yourself in a state of stress and conflict, nothing works out because you are imbalanced and off-track. The structure is still there, but it’s not in the right path. Aligning your core values to your goals, mission, and vision are important.


Understanding what drives your team sets a leader from the rest. That’s the time where you can showcase to them that you are a capable leader who can appreciate their efforts and get the best out of them.

Dealing with Chaotic Energies


Pause, breathe, and remove yourself from that chaotic space. Ground yourself to get back to your sense of well-being. If things went wrong, acknowledge it and address it appropriately. Come together with your team and solve the problem altogether as one unit.

How to recenter yourself


Go outside and walk. Be with nature. Drink room temperature water or hot tea. Use that time to take a moment for yourself and recenter. Pause, breathe, and assess yourself. Most importantly, do things that make you feel good to reset your energy.


Be your authentic self. There are millions of marketers out there but the reason why people choose someone is because they do something unique and it speaks to them. Have a niche audience and take your experience and passion to connect with them.


No man is an island. There is strength in numbers and leverage that strength. Your expectations are crucial to have a solid and robust partnership to work things out. Lean to the support and network that you have created for yourself. If you do not have one, then create one.

Dana’s Advice


Be honest with yourself. Set goals and genuine core values that speak to you. Declare things that are non-negotiable in your life and tend to it. If you love your work, then be honest about it. Learn how to differentiate your priorities to your responsibilities and ensure to make time to do it and experience it—these are non-negotiables.


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