Revenue Accelerator with Daphne Jones and Roberta Ravella

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, our guest is Daphne Jones and Roberta Ravella. These two amazing women found each other and started taking action in their business with a solid message. Today, they will share how you can make more money in your business faster using effective strategies that they are using.

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Why Podcasting?
Podcasting allows you to present yourself as an expert. It allows you to get in front of an audience, and you are allowed to present yourself as an expert, and it’s repeatable. It’s a great way to talk about your business and help others. So you’re giving, and you’re also teaching simultaneously.
For people considering podcasting, you don’t have to have all your ducks in a row to start. You can morph it into what you want it to be. It can be more about you and learn who you want to talk to or what you want to communicate. You can bend it in multiple directions.
Connecting to your Target Audience
Connecting to the ideal client persona is about knowing who responds to you on your platforms. Go into the comments to see what your audience is talking about. Then find out what media they are most present to get your message out there. See what people are talking about you and put yourself out there.
Content Creation
There is only one method to content creation, and it is just getting it out. Use the time you have to think and mull about what is happening in your life and the world. Go for the questions that you are always answering for your clients.
Getting Started with Content Creation
Everybody starts somewhere. So just turn the phone on and start talking. Don’t worry about picture quality, editing, or any of that to start talking. Lean towards your strengths instead of your weaknesses. Find tools to help with content creation. And when you pick the medium you’re going to use, develop a plan on how many times you will release your content and just stick with that.
Produce the Right Content
Whatever your business is, it is okay that you don’t get everybody because you don’t want everybody. You just have to give your authentic voice out there. If you’re having problems producing content, you’re trying to fit into something you don’t want. So just be you because the folks that want to do business with you will find you. If you’re producing content that’s you, it’ll resonate, and they’ll talk to you. You will get more content out and even dictate your business as to what you’re producing for them.
How to attract the right audience
Attracting your people isn’t all just via computer social media, and it’s getting out and suggesting to people. You must go out and listen to what other people are talking about and just hang out so that you can also share what you have to offer. Talk to people and listen to what they have to say, then you can share your content.
B2B vs. B2C
There is a difference between B2B and B2C in terms of engagement. In the B2C world, people tend to be very clear on what they will buy. When you engage and call someone, it’s kind of a given that that conversation will be steered somehow. In a b2b world, it feels more like dating, and someone will activate an action. But what’s common in both worlds is that clients come to you in crisis. People don’t realize that or own that most clients come to you when they are in a severe pain point.
Changing your Money-Game
If you want to look at what marketing strategies have worked overtime, check out what real estate agents are doing. If it’s a podcast, sit down and get started. It’s about changing your money game.

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