Revenue Accelerator with Dominic Cummins

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Dominic Cummins, Co-Founder of APEX Agency Growth. Dominic now focus on coaching particularly marketing agency owners, run mastermind and live events to help them transform their business or build them the business of their dreams. Today, Dominic shares his insights about the “real business stuff” and how it correlates to your success and failures.

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What is the “Real Business Stuff”?


The real business stuff can be sales, generating leads, converting leads, finding profit, financial problems to even mindset changes – because everything comes out from the mind.

Mindset Issue


Most entrepreneurs encountered the word “The Shiny Object Syndrome” but it is a misnomer. Dominic suggested to replace it with “Profit Killing Distraction.” By nature, it is extremely challenging to stay focus and it is something everyone take it lightly. You need to realize that your greatest strength can be your greatest weakness and by reframing your mind from the “The Shiny Object Syndrome” to  “Profit Killing Distraction,” it changes your entire thought process.


Stress is normal for business and ironically, healthy amount of stress keep you focus. But when you allow yourself to not focus adds up over time. Understand that focus is not constant without care.

Getting Back into Focus


Your career correlates to your behavior or state of mind. If you cannot explain your normal daily routine, then something is wrong. Getting yourself distracted on things unrelated to the growth of your business, like doing the laundry or other menial tasks, are best delegated. This is a tactical approach. What would your day looked like when you have those unrelated things get out of the way and focus more on the things that matters to you?

Dipping your hand to many things at once


It comes down to honesty and humility. Honest enough to realize that you cannot do it all and get it done and have the humility to be okay with it and ask for help when you need it.



The people who have aligned their passion to their business model are the most successful. Even if you niched out to have that passion aligned is better because you understand the language—you know the things inside and out. Stop chasing the money and fell into the trap of doing the things you don’t love. Although you might love it eventually but don’t hesitate to step back.

The Sphere of Genius


Create a column that contains:

  1. List every client you had
  2. How much money you made
  3. Did you enjoy the work you did? (Rate from 1 to 5)
  4. What industry are you in?

From this exercise, have your clients grouped up and start the sphere of genius. You will find and be amazed at how many of them are in different levels. It allows you and themselves be aware of where they are now and you can start thinking ideas for their growth based on their data.


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