Revenue Accelerator with Dr. Ron Stotts

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Dr. Ron Stotts, a transformative leader, three-time best-selling book author, and an international speaker. Dr. Stotts received his Ph.D. in psychology, and Doctor of Chiropractic. He also takes business leaders and entrepreneurs on transformational journeys to help them connect with their higher selves and live the life they were born to live. Today, Dr. Stotts talks about the importance of one’s ability to access the subconscious, self-awareness, and vulnerability as critical factors in one’s success.

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The Subconscious Aspect
[01:04] Many people develop specific skills without realizing that earlier portions of their lives often limit those skills, subconscious restrictions, and factors that hold them back that they are either aware of or oblivious of. Consciousness affects one's perception of achievement and how much one can achieve with their aspirations.
[03:55] We are in a period of change. People from many walks of life push us to pay attention to their causes and be heard. But we can’t bring out the best in each other unless we work together. A study from the 1950s or 1960s found that conscientious leaders are effective, productive, and innovative.
Self Awareness
[05:52] The foundations of consciousness and self-awareness are awareness of one's thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations, as well as one's level of consciousness. At any particular time, your level of awareness accurately represents your consciousness. Self-awareness and consciousness increase your awareness of others.
First-hand Trauma experience
[16:04] Further exploration reveals that the section prepared for healing also holds the key to releasing what you need to move forward in life.
[18:36] After a while, you start to trust the healing process and realize how well-designed the world is to help you open your heart and live your life fully and wonderfully.
Be Vulnerable
[20:18] Vulnerability is necessary, but it also necessitates trust: faith in yourself, your surroundings, and belief in God. As a result, you can interpret coming into your power or opening up your heart in any manner you like.
[23:33] Humans have brain specialties, according to Dr. Ron. Their main focus is becoming whole-brain integrated thinkers, and the change in their life was incredible, as they suddenly stopped looking at others to complete them. They were complete in and of themselves. They were supportive rather than competitive or on the hunt for something and unhappy if they couldn't find it elsewhere.
Aspects of Creativity
[27:22] Your imagination and access to your vision, creativity, and intuition will dramatically expand once you employ integrated whole-brain thinking.
[28:55] Simply mentally stepping back and inhaling deeply brings you into the present moment. You'll determine the best course of action or decision to take after that. Because you're always taking deep breaths and remaining vigilant, you're always aware of the optimal next action.
[31:57] The main difficulty that Dr. Ron finds in leadership and life is that people are looking for something that can only be found within themselves. Begin your inner journey of self-discovery by taking a deep breath. Recognize and embrace the fact that life in general is a personal journey.

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