Revenue Accelerator with Dusti Arab

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Dusti Arab, a brand strategist, a serial entrepreneur, and an Amazon bestselling author. Dusti helps creators and service providers build a platform from web design to course creation and helps them make solid jumping points for their brand. Today, Dusti shares her insights about strategy and creating a platform in a growing business. 

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Benefit the most from trying to create a platform for their business. 


The people who stand to gain the most from the new digital revolution are lactation consultants and anti-racism activists. Dusti knows lots of people's businesses have tanked and has not because so many people who were only working offline before.

Calibrating transition to business


Suppose you are looking to reposition, and the course is solid already, and there are many people I know who are teaching excellent material. In that case, they have been teaching it for ten years; that's precisely the kind of person I like to work with because they already know that they can get the transformation for their client. So spend some time working on your sales page.

Rebranding to your business


Most people are overwhelmed by the basics because they never signed up to be a marketer. I have so many people come to Dusti who are not familiar with social media, and you don't have to use social media. But you're going to have to learn how to do something else.

Finding a client


First, you need to be in a position where you can be picky about who you work with. If someone is not ready to take the course or not fully equipped to undergo certain courses, stop working with them. It ends up just like they waffle; they are not as good at making decisions throughout the process.

Achieving certain goals


Always have a positive mindset and make your mindset work. Think that whatever somebody was trying to show me off my mindset work, that they were just privileged and out of touch and it's challenging to maintain the level of consistency and capacity. If you don't have the support, you need and part of that is a mindset.


Growing your platform


If people aren't sending you hate mail, you're not. You don't have a strong enough opinion. Pinterest is an underutilized platform for most entrepreneurs right now. It's visual; it doesn't require your face. And ads are a pittance in comparison to Facebook right now, so you can pick another platform.

Importance of branding to business


Having a single person to talk to can help you sell your business. If the offer is not specifically directed at one person, it will not convert. If you're struggling right now to get a recommendation of any kind to reverse, I want to encourage you to go through your sales page. And think about the best client you've ever worked with.



Pick the one thing and eliminate all the extras to the best of your ability. The best way to gain traction quickly really is by putting all of your efforts behind the one thing.


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