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In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Elizabeth Power, CEO of EPower & Associates, sought-after speaker, facilitator, teacher, and consultant. Elizabeth has helped people make and manage change (including dealing with trauma) for over 30 years. Today, Elizabeth shares how to cope with change that occurs in business and personal life.

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What are people doing wrong when it comes to managing change?


A lot of people don't understand the difference between the fact and what they feel. It's easy to fall back into the trap of the pity and the sympathy and the comfort, the attention that we get out of failure and staying stuck there. And if you're trying to level up your business and jack yourself up a notch, the best thing you can do is have a really good understanding of how change works, where you may be seeing it in your life, and what you can do differently to mastery.


Most of us don't work with the change unless we choose to change. We plan the difference, and it goes exactly like we wanted to. Most of us are just plain flummoxed. If you change, it needs to make a comeback look because of how it makes us feel.

Adapting the process


The feelings are the things that get us. We might not recognize the emotions that we have related to change and may say it's about something else. Recognize those feelings that you feel that tell you that a change is occurring are only flags. You don't have to do anything about them. Just recognize their flags.


When you get to the point of what I will realize, we learn through either a process that is inherently somewhat self-abusive or that can be self-nurturing, more with you go when you go with self-nurturing when you teach yourself through acceptance, instead of judgment.  

Change as an opportunity.


It was adding it to the perspective that was always a problem. And to realize that even the things that look dark and despairing and dishonor unfortunate that good things will come from those even though it may take a long time it will be, it may be harrowing in the process. That means that you have to give up, fail, live down, and it's like now let me get down to building the life I've been talking about building for years.


Role of external communication in managing change.


The right way that you communicate with your base becomes critical during times of change. Using the language of choice that allows people to feel that they have some control in their environment. Talking about stability instead of the upheaval, acknowledge its focus on the strength that is coming.



Doing the things that we know to do to help people excite themselves about picking the change that is most important for them to master.


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