Revenue Accelerator with Emily Aborn

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Emily Aborn, a copywriter for creative entrepreneurs and the Founder and Owner of “She Built This”. She works with people who have businesses that are unconventional and help them find their voice in the world of marketing. Today, Emily shares some of her wisdom in content creation that have helped businesses build their brands and get noticed by potential customers.

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Content Writing
Being able to build a voice for clients to promote themselves is what content writing is all about. This includes managing their social media, blogs, and websites.
Representing client's voice
The brain dump approach is taking all thoughts and then narrowing them down to the most important ones. Getting into a creative flow requires organization.
Creating a process
Have a process and understand that sometimes you have to adapt that process. It helps you figure out how to get into that zone fast.
The most common mistake in marketing is when people create content that is solely focused on themselves. While talking about yourself is OK, keep in mind that the focus is on the person reading it, and consider their experience, what makes them go on social media and then stop.
Generating leads
Maintain a strategic approach and focus on what your piece has to offer. Assume your company or brand were a book genre. What kind would it be? It encourages people to go the extra mile, resulting in content that they can share on their own social network.
It's all about the vibe or how I want people to feel going into the group as a group leader, making it a fantastic location to connect with other community members. Remember the initial few people in your community as your cheerleaders, encouraging you to keep going.
Get accurate information on what individuals are doing.
Knowing your audience
Every group is unique. It all depends on the type of community you want to create. It is critical to:
Determine how they discovered the organization and gained access.
Get their email address so you can keep them up to date on group rules.
Listen to what your people are going through.
Building community
[22:42] is an app where individuals may attach it to various Facebook groups and enter keywords that connect you to other people to engage with them.
Look for similarities to help you attract the perfect individual. People in the peer group share something they're struggling with or something that's challenging them. Then individuals express their opinions and weigh in.
There is no discernible difference between being a leader and being a member of your community. You only need to specify the boundaries and guidelines, and that's where leadership line stops to assist leaders in steering the ship.

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