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In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Fabienne Raphael. She is a business coach and the creator of the DREAM Method. Fabienne helps high achievers express their life mission to change lives by building their coaching business. She took coaching as an avenue to use her skillset to support herself through her business and to support her clients. Today, Fabienne shares how you can overcome perfectionism and how you can achieve success with your coaching business. 

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Starting a Coaching Business


The thing about being a high achiever, wanting to do something for yourself and live your purpose, is that while it’s not particular to the majority of the population, there are just a few people that want to take that bold step to own their gifts and do something about it.


Most of the time, people are just dreaming or reading too much online. People become overwhelmed because there is much conflicting information online. The best thing is to take the firm decision to do something about it. When you do that, you take that first step. Then reach out to a mentor or go and do that thing that will allow you to implement and earn money with your coaching business.



What most people struggle with is perfectionism or wanting everyone to be perfect at everything. People dealing with perfectionism want everything to be perfect where they would doubt their skills or think that they are not ready or not significant enough or don’t have the necessary credentials. 

Advice for People Stuck in Perfectionist Mode


Get guidance. Have someone on your side. When you have someone keeping you accountable, you can’t mess up, or you can’t show up and not do anything. 


When you invest in someone to guide you through and lead you to achieve your goal, you should trust that person to get you there and do as you’re supposed to do. All of us are unique and have our strengths and gifts. Find the best person to work with yourself. After that, be yourself and do the work because nothing will happen if you don’t do anything.

Hire the People to Get to Where you Want to Go


As entrepreneurs, we are geared to change the world. And you have that feeling of “I can do this. And I’ll do everything on my own.” But the reality is that no one has ever succeeded alone in their corner. They all team up with people to get to where they want to go. Eventually, they’ll surpass them, but they have to be led by someone who’s done it before and who has helped them. So, always hire coaches along the way because that’s several steps of your evolution.

Don’t be an Employee of Your Own Business


It’s riskier to be an employee than to be an entrepreneur because you depend on somebody else. If you’re growing your business, you’re dependent on referrals. Suppose you are waiting for referrals to come your way. In that case, that’s the equivalent of being an employee because you don’t have control and ownership over your business and progression.

Improving Your Environment 


People close to you are hard to cut from your life. So, limit the time or evaluate the type of discussions you’re having with these people. Instead of always taking that topic with these people, avoid the topic and find people in the same mindset as you. Evaluate how you feel every time you speak with that person and how it influences your business.


For growing a business, if the right people do not surround you, it could fail. The environment is the key to a business, and as soon as you get rid of people who are sucking all your energy, you have the drive to welcome to your life much clearer and more positive energy. Sometimes, it leads to more clients and more money because you decided to push away that negative part that is not serving you.

Surrounding Yourself with the Right People


In business, you want to have your financial freedom, you want to quit your job, and you want to live your purpose and impact people’s lives. And if you surround yourself with people that have that same aspiration, you and those people will have unimaginable power.


If you invest in a program or a mastermind group where people in that group are also high achievers and are aiming to do precisely that, then the sum of the power of each member is exponential to the growth and power that you can get yourself just by being in that community. It’s like if you see someone else growing and you’re part of that group, you’ll grow too. It’s like a ripple effect for everyone.

The Other Side of the Coin of Perfection


Perfectionism is both a blessing and a curse. It could be a blessing because how you do everything is how you do anything. When you’re a perfectionist, you are detail-oriented and dedicated to making it look great. The quality of what you deliver to your clients is essential. But it’s also a curse that makes you paralyzed about doing anything because you’re scared that you don’t know enough. You always want it to be crystal clear and perfect before getting started or doing anything with it. It also prevents you from doing something that you would love to be doing.

Fabienne’s Words for the Audience 


Success is something you attract by the person you become. It’s something to start your coaching business, but if you’re not willing to change with growing your business, then it won’t work because entrepreneurship is one of the best personal development experiences there is on earth. You have to be open to change or else, you won’t be able to embrace it thoroughly, and it won’t go anywhere.

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