Revenue Accelerator with Geraldine Schmid

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Geraldine Schmid, she helps business owners grow their business by putting in systems and processes. Here with us today to share the secret behind systems and processes and how they work.

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Growing the business


If you want to grow a business while spending more time with your family you need to have systems and processes in place.

Most important system to have in your business


It depends on where you are and what you have in the business. Having a critical number that you can reach within a year, if you reach it will motivate you.


If you don't have a clear system in place, it can be feeling like you're not moving forward.

Critical Factors you should track


You need to track your critical number; it shows how the business is growing. You have to know your net worth. Having these very clear, helps with making those important decisions clearer.


Purpose of systems


The main purpose of any system is to get the behaviors or the thought patterns, or the story and the clarity that you want out of you and on paper.


Measuring Success


People tend to forget all the questions and all the challenges they were facing in the moment, being able to capture those aspects to avoid them in the future is power. You don’t have to micromanage people, you can coach them to success.



Think on how you can optimize. Create a system where you can pinpoint or organize the things you need to focus into to, to create more ease in your day.


Biggest Communication Issue


If you think about how to raise to a bigger standard. It's a leader’s job to think like a thought leader to be looking forward. We take things too personal which can also be a problem in communication.

The most important skill set people need to continuously improve.


Influence skills or communication skills can change how you run your life. It is a skill you need to continuously improve. Think of how you can impact your team and even your clients, and help them step into a better version of themselves, so they can become their best version of themselves and overcome any fears they may have. 



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