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In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Haley Grey, a digital marketer who worked a lot of small to medium-sized businesses on all of that technical marketing stuff people really hate to do. They’re also working a lot on the strategy and finding the right combination of things that are going to work for any particular business based on their budgets, their needs, how many leads they need, how many clients, etc…

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What is it that you're really trying to gain out of your business? And how do you want your life to look with regards to your business?


A lot of people don't talk about or focus on creating a business and doing all the work and hustling and all that that is required, but they forget to build a business that supports their lifestyle instead of modifying their lifestyle to support the business.


So many people don't really think through the big business decisions and sometimes bigger isn't necessarily better for a lot of small businesses. There is kind of this hump where you go through and you're trying to make more business in order to pay your employees that you're making less. Or the same amount of money, but you're working more hours.


You can bring in all the leads in the world, but if they're crappy leads and they're not converting, that's not worth it.

What is your best strategy for them to be able to continue to grow their business?


So the strategy is usually going to be to sit down and say, okay, so what do you like to do? How do you like to spend your time? Are you somebody who likes to do public speaking? Are you somebody who likes to do podcasts? Are you somebody who likes to write or are you somebody who prefers to throw money at a funnel?





How often do you run into that as being like one of the blocks of people achieving more success?

[16:50]  Not too often - a lot of my people are selling products and services, they’re professionals and they already tend to know who they are and who they’re helping, but they might be trying to target a slightly different market.

How do they check in to make sure that their message aligns? Like


Interviewing people who are in your audience is the best way. Listen to the words, language and messaging that they use when they say “here is my problem”. It's when you talk to somebody and they're like, you know, Hey, I want to fit into this dress for my high school reunion. And I want it. That's a fit amazingly.


Listening to and mirroring back those questions is one of the most effective ways to close clients. Listen in and mirror back what they're saying to you and say, great. That's part of what my process helps you accomplish.

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