Revenue Accelerator with Janelle Kennedy

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Janelle Kennedy, Founder of Jayde Consulting. She began her career in 1997 as an Account Executive in the Real Estate Industry. She grew her talents and knowledge throughout the years working in Home Warranty, Title, and Escrow, then as a Business Development Officer in 2019 for a mortgage. Over the years, as an Account Executive, she has earned multiple titles, including Rookie of the Year and Top Million Dollar Producer. She now spreads the wealth as a member of Social Register, Women Decision Makers, and the More Mastermind Group, and Chapter President of The Dames. Today, she shares how you can build authentic relationships that will help your business move forward and how you can establish connections with other people.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder




For Janelle, working smarter is identifying which Power Partners she needs to work with to build a relationship with them and then leveraging them. It didn’t matter where she was working. She just made sure she had those relationships.




There’s a place where that happens. It’s not at the beginning of your business or working person just by yourself. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, and the only way to move forward is to have Power Partners.


Mistakes People Make when nurturing Relationships




One of the mistakes people make when it comes to nurturing a relationship and identifying power partners is expectation. When you walk into a room, you expect that the person you’re talking to will be the one that can send you something. But you cannot assume that you learn to identify who the proper connection is when you walk in. When you have what you want to be identified, you’re going to see it much quicker. So don’t spend so much time talking to somebody. Find the one that you need to talk to so that the relationship is effective and productive. Make sure you stay in it and make it personal.


Creating Relationships and Connections




When we refer, it is an extension of our reputation. It’s building a relationship and creating a real connection with somebody. Many people focus on the ideal client, which is essential. You need to know what their pain points are and all that stuff. Focus on your ideal referral partner or ideal strategic partner. Identify the criteria and qualities in that person that would enable them to create referrals or give you referrals, whether it’s an actual client or another strategic partner.


Establishing the Relationship




When Janelle meets with somebody, she immediately takes notes on what they do. And then she immediately thinks about who she can connect them with. Janelle is taking a mental note of who she knows that you need to be. She is giving first before tackling the relationship because she is establishing that she is here for you.


What People should be doing more Effectively




Janelle says that people should focus more on video marketing. In terms of Janelle’s videos, she sends a very conversational to her clients. So when she is meeting with a client, there would be a follow-up email. She has integrated video marketing into her email, so she would record a video to send to her client whenever she opened her email. She says that it’s going to come across that way versus cold emails. You will get much more engagement from that.




Janelle sends her clients a message that they’re not going to get that from her competitor. It’s going to be received a little bit differently. She wants to connect and feel comfort from who she is talking to. For her, it’s about educating people on how just to be yourself.




Compliance will be a particular type of position in a company. So you have to tone it down and be strategic in how you are leaving your message. Once you learn and identify the people you have come in contact with, you can figure out how you can talk to them so that they will respond.


Leveraging People




When you’re leveraging, you have to build that relationship. And it has to be trustworthy, and there’s a borderline friendship. And provide the information that people need to support you.






Testimonials are very relevant, but not everybody uses them properly. It would help if you told the story your clients are telling. Having said that you have great customer service is a standard. It shouldn’t be that it’s the only thing that you are offering in your company. Start looking at your testimonials and highlight the pain points.




Listen to your clients and take what your clients are telling you. That’s what you need to tell people that you do. It can’t be just “she was fun” or “has a great personality.” Testimonials should be deeper, quantifiable, and impactful.

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