Revenue Accelerator with Jasper Dayton

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Jasper Dayton, a brand builder who comes up with insightful ideas on how your business will look like. Jasper is on a mission to make her clients excited about something they never thought could be real. She helps people get out of procrastination, perfectionism, and analysis paralysis. Today, Jasper shares her insights about decision making and how an app can assist you in making decisions – when time is not your friend.

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Nothing is getting done because of perfectionism. If the decision makers are both analyzers, then a plan is nothing unless put into motion. You need to make a decision and keep moving forward. Otherwise, you will lose something that you will regret for being indecisive.

Shaping your Decisions


The starting point is building your core values. It should be clearly defined through several processes of elimination. It should be defined not based on a Webster’s dictionary, but by creating your own meaning to it. From there, your vision should be in alignment of your core values. Life is too short, and time is precious—you cannot waste your time on something that will not get you to where you want to be.


The people that last are the winners. Build a brand that lasts. There will be ups and downs, but it is normal. If you are constantly skyrocketing, you would still have to refuel. For as long as your purpose is aligned to your core values, you will last.



As you become successful, you need to decide many things quickly – A philosophy that Jasper adheres to herself. Be absolutely confident in making decisions because people around you feel it.

Aligning your Values to your Brand


When you are in a place of identifying what makes you feel great, consider your environment and your image of the perfect client. To shape that client avatar, think about your past three clients that you love working with and ask them what you did – for them to choose you.


Make a list of non-negotiables and be transparent on what you want to create.


Change the mindset of “making money while not working.” As a startup, you don’t have that capability yet because you lack the system, and steady revenue of materializing that idea. It will not happen overnight, and there is no “get paid now” button.


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