Revenue Accelerator with Jennifer Levy Frye

In this episode, our guest is Jennifer Frye. Jennifer has been in business development for her entire career, working with local and national clients of all sizes. After spending decades in business development, she knew there was a better way to approach sales than the traditional bro marketing tactics. Appreciated Asset Sales Accelerator Program offers businesses a unique consultative approach to contract them to set new business appointments with their prospect’s wish list. They give their clients all the benefits of cold calling a targeted prospect list without any of the headaches of cold calling. Today, she discusses why cold calling is essential to any business and how you can get into cold calling without picking up the phone.

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Aligned Approach for Cold Calling
Jennifer says you have to come first from a heart of service. Provide a solution you believe in and know you can help your customer. You have to get specific as well. Many people are nervous about narrowing down their target market and their ideal prospects, but you’ll find that the more specific you get, the narrower you get, the better results.
Wrong Expectations about the Sales Efforts in a Business
Jennifer works with people who have had bad experiences within their own sales departments or external call center-type services. She doesn’t spend much time talking about what’s gone wrong in the past because she can’t compare what her client does with what she does. Jennifer created an entire paradigm shift within sales because it is within her heart of service and her focus on the solution that her clients can provide. Jennifer has often turned down potential clients because she is only interested in bringing on the right partners for services that can make an impact.
The Paradigm Shift
In the paradigm shift, you must come from the angle of wanting to educate people. Offer a solution that you know that they need to know about. Doing that makes the entire energy shift around what you are messaging. At the end of the day, you don’t have to volley with someone. You don’t have to argue with someone. If you are arguing with someone, it’s probably not the right energy fit for you for long-term relationships. You have to know your service. If the energy match isn’t there and you don’t have a prospect open to receiving the information you want to share, it’s not going to be the right fit.
Have Persistence
A huge misconception about sales is that if someone doesn’t call back, they don’t like you or are not interested in you. But do not take it personally. Persistence is key. You don't want to be annoying when walking a fine line between persistence. But you want to be persistent. The right people will appreciate that about you. Make sure that when you have information to share, you are clear enough with prospects about what that information can do for them. Because at the end of the day, it’s about you finding the right fit for that prospect.
Healing the Wound
You have to get specific and direct on what your value proposition is. Be dialed in on that and not just in general terms. But with some key metrics and some KPIs, you can show that you have success stories and percentages that you’d be able to increase revenue. Then figure out how you can monetize it because the prospect will be ready for the next step of that call once it is monetized. Also, just because someone says no to you right now does not mean it’s a no forever.
Building the Pipeline
CRM is essential to any business. It is essential to have something to keep track of. It is really important to ensure you’re in front of the clients at the right time and that they know it’s not about your commission check this month or your sales or your numbers this month. You want to work with them in the timeline that makes sense for them, and you’ll be there. Sales is not a short-term strategy. You have to continue to do the activity and plant the seeds over and over again.
How Jennifer Helps Business with Cold Calling
Jennifer works with people who are looking to grow and have a sales department in place but are not doing cold calling activities. Jennifer helps with giving her clients all the benefits of cold calling campaigns without anyone having to pick up the phone. She also works with clients that are launching a new product or into a new geographic area.
The Typical Sales Person
A salesperson is coachable with great energy, and resilient, intelligent, can focus under pressure. A salesperson doesn’t have to be the typical sales guy in a parking lot. Sales are for someone who is driven, ambitious, and wants to see some financial rewards from their efforts. They have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit as well. Every salesperson should look like they are running their own business. They should take ownership and pride in what they create and generate for their business.
What does it take to be good in sales?
Being good at sales comes from a heart of service and being solutions-focused. To do that, you have to have a solution you believe you can get behind.
Jennifer’s Brilliance
Jennifer saw success in her early 20s on the phone. Celebrating that success made her realize that she was good at it and that it was something that she could continuously hone and craft on getting better. She knew she had the persistence and the ability not to take things personally.
Jennifer saw the financial benefits. She is entrepreneurial and likes commission structures. She recently had a mindset shift where she was no longer in the business department. She realized she was fond of education. That's her biggest paradigm shift.
Jennifer’s Final Thoughts
Jennifer says that cold calling is like anything else. It’s a skill; if you are uncomfortable, it’s because you’re learning to grow. She encourages people to try it, especially business owners. Try to see what objections people are saying. See what people are saying so you can better train and prepare your team to want to go out and do the same.

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