In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Joe Frier and Matt Wolf of Hustle and Flowchart Podcast. They share their experiences in marketing through podcasts and they are here today to share their secrets and their systems to their success.

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Importance of being consistent on your content


Loving what you do and what you create is the key to creating consistent content. Being comfortable in knowing what you want, being consistent gives great options on creating content.  

Building the Influence


Find the most important people on your network and never be shy to reach out and offer support.  Creating bonds and sharing experiences turns into affiliate promotion and opportunities. 

Overcoming Problems with the level of confidence. 


Realizing Everybody's kind of the same. If you want somebody to see you, as a buddy, treat him like a buddy.  Having a referral system kind of on steroids can create momentum.


Asking curious questions can get you the comfort and not stick to the same boring stuff.


Establishing Roots on Podcast


Before thinking tactics and strategies get a clear vision on what you want to put out there. Create a system to support your “whys’


Creating a systematic background can help you figure out potential episodes for your podcast. Think of the next step. Think what people want after what you created.


Things to think about on a Podcast creation


Having bigger names on your podcast does not necessarily mean you will get more views or downloads. The ones who are a little more established are more likely to share and mail everyone about the content.


Leveraging the Podcast for SEO


Having an email list and show note pages can create a great SEO backbone. This can help being on page one for the guest’s name. 


Get familiar and delegate it. Being familiar with how it all works can help you get through it. 

Being transparent with your audience.


You can't do anything better for the people that are paying attention to you.  The more that we give freely of ourselves and others, it’s the best we can do for our audience.

Process on repurposing content


One of the most necessary process is the batching process. This will create a system where letting people schedule episodes whenever it made sense for them and not being very protected with our time finally stopped. We have a process to have the conversation that creates a bridge between the guest and ourselves, we have like a 20 minute conversation with each other before each episode.  That preparation just makes so much of a difference with the quality.  

Value the Relationship rather than the Transaction


Cultivate relationships not just with the audience but also with the guest.  We send a thank you email and video after the podcast about how we can further the conversation.


Check in with the people who are really helping you out. Be accessible, always have a personalized touch on your accessibility to create more a solid relationship. This builds a bond to your audience.

Podcast for Lead generation or Vanity metrics


Focus on the engagement you are getting. You will see the growth of your business based on the connections you are getting.


Creating the most impact on Repurposing.


The “note strategy” is effective on getting to your leads, they have to join the group, and then request them via email - they can get the 4 most recent for 2 weeks, then they are locked into the membership area.  Video for every episode, which the full-length video goes on YouTube, little clips of those videos also go on YouTube in their own little playlist. They get repurposed into LinkedIn videos, they get repurposed into Facebook videos, Twitter videos, Instagram.


Monetizing the Effort


You can use sponsorships and bundle it to other things in your ecosystem. They could sponsor your physical newsletter, they can sponsor your email list, Facebook group. You can also do paid newsletter memberships and affiliate marketing - plugging affiliate resources in newsletters in your videos and YouTube.


Tips on starting a podcast


Think it through that, like, what's your Why? What are you going to do? How does it attach to something you already have in your business, because most people don't create that attachment...that indirect path into revenue.

Create your system to keep it moving.


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