Revenue Accelerator with Kelly Fisher

In this episode of The Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Kelly Fisher. Kelly is a certified hypnotherapist who’s extremely curious about understanding how the mind works and how the people behave. Studying the mind has always been his obsession and it allowed him to spread his word and teachings for decades. Today, Kelly shares his insights of being in the state of control and the importance of meditation—finding that “gap.”

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Inability to Feel the Control


Kelly finds out that most people think letting go means the inability to control. The disconnection between control and letting go had always plagued the minds of his clients. Letting go of that control pertains to the “real” you being in control.

What blocks people to success


Imposing yourself to achieve the same success as someone else blocks “your” success. This self-sabotage that comes up is the reason why you don’t succeed. The limiting beliefs and tribe mentality are some of the hindrances as well.

Staying Positive


Positivity is a constant thing to do every day. Waking up in the morning and starting your day with a 10-minute meditation to recalibrate yourself from 1–2% have massive difference than doing nothing. Take a second to switch out your mind of what you are doing and it keeps you from doing things altogether.

New Information


You get more value out of your time as you get focused. Kelly teaches the importance of “original thought” where flight and flight situations are impossible. You cannot bring down the surge of new information to your mind.

Self-Sabotaging Mechanism


Stories are important in finding self-sabotages. If there is the power to remove all of your problems, would you still be “you”? No. Because your struggles and triumph make your story and taking that away does not represent you anymore. Worrying about things that could happen in the future is anxiety. You can never fix the future. Slow your mind down to present and that’s all you have to do.

Staying in Present and Planning for Future


Writing things down that comes to mind, or speaking it out and recording it makes a big difference. Getting your ideas out is powerful. Even if your ideas lead to nothing, you at least have the room for more thought to come in.

Kelly’s Goal


Kelly's reason for existence is to end mental suffering. Even though it is ambitious and seemed like a fleeting dream, he cannot simply ignore the mental suffering of other people when he had the tools to assist them.

Kelly’s Parting Words


Focus takes training. Take a deep breath, slow your mind down, and don’t necessarily believe anything that comes to your mind. If you don’t know the answers to your questions, it’s okay. But once you realize that there are solutions, meditate and slip into that “gap” of nothingness. Even if you are only 10 seconds in that “gap,” you can slowly expand it because it helps you in the long run.



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