Revenue Accelerator with Kim D. Snyder

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Kim Snyder, a business profit expert and the founder and owner of Online Marketing In A Box since 2010. Kim spent 20+ years consulting for Fortune 500 companies on business growth, strategy, and transformation, and she conducts keynotes, training, and facilitation for business leaders and business owners. Today, Kim shares her insights on how speaking can generate leads into your business.

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The World of Speaking Gigs
Kim left her corporate job in August 2018. And she took a few months off, and she knew that she wanted to speak, and when she had time, Kim decided to speak at conferences at events. Six months later, she decided to put her own event.

She attended every networking event regardless it was for men or women; it didn’t matter. Kim was standing up to speak and making a little announcement, or they would bring me up to the front of the room. And so people got to know her quickly by promoting that event. She loves to help people is what it is. And that’s the medium, so she was going out, and then she will monetize this because she has left her corporate job and needs to make money.

The System
Kim formulated six systems for her program, and she had to find the places to speak; she had to figure out what they needed. So she could get booked. And Kim couldn’t take forever because we’re all busy business owners, she says. She wanted to generate leads.

Follow - up
Kim has a target audience, they have a need, and she can feel the need. She needs to figure out if it’s a right fit. Kim was moving people to a conversation. Those are my leads; she would like physical as a digital girl and gadget girl. She still likes the printed paper when she can, and she has techniques to do it online that work as well. But it is that follow-up.

Speaking for leads
Kim wants another marketing stream. Unfortunately, businesses that are getting to that six to seven-figure have been in business probably three to five years at least. And they’re relying on the frills word of mouth. You always need to keep going out there. And this is a natural way to do it. Because it’s already experienced people, you’re having these conversations either one-on-one or in a group with your clients. The comfort it provides doesn’t teach you how to speak. It is taking what you already have and morphing it into a conversation.

How to Master your speech
What Kim sees some people do is, you want to be this big motivational speaker get on stage. So we’re here business owner expert to get leads or get influence. You’re going to educate. They already know who you are, your title, company, what you do there, everything. As long as you understand your material, she would go light on the agenda and content, creating many questions. That way, you are leaving them with some action items without overwhelming them.

Potential leads after speaking
You have to ask questions throughout. You can’t just ask them the same way. You have to make it interesting for them and yourself. Slow down, give less information to allow him for conversations and engagement. Tell them it’s going to be interactive, don’t just talk to them.

Be Engaging
There are ways that you can do it that are super engaging so that it just shows that you’re different, that you know your material. And then hopefully, there’s a fit, and the process that we have at the end is to ask people. It’s a soft lead process. So you do not see off the organizer, but it’s also serving you because it is an hour of your time.

How do you pitch without pitching
Kim usually will do like a free offer. So either you get them onto my list or call. Depending on the organization or what’s going on, she will ask them to make a soft offer. Sometimes on her sheet, it will be like, if you guys want to take this conversation further and go deeper, here it is. I’ll try to make it a super low price point, like for sure under $500, but probably in the $300 range.

Are you asking?
Marketing is always a big touchpoint for people. Asking them the buzzwords that there are always topics that they want. And so it could be artificial intelligence, AI, it’s self-care right now, a lot of the mental clarity and health like, so those are the buzz points.

Showing Connections
Zoom is just the tool, the people behind the tools, so make sure that you’re conducting yourself offline in person. When you’re presenting, when talking to your team, carry that energy online when you do the presentations or in person, and you should be fine. And if your stuff is boring online, it was probably boring in person as well.

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