Revenue Accelerator with Kim Springer

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Kim Springer a.k.a “Vision Coach Kim,” a mindset and business coach for Christian Women Entrepreneurs. Kim helps her clients create consistent business revenue by letting them know that “they” are the strategy. Today, Kim talks about mindset shifts and how God plays a role on your road to success.

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Kim’s Calling


Kim believes she identifies with her clients especially on their unique struggles and background. It allowed her to be the bridge in helping them propel their business. Prior to coaching, Kim was a business owner herself who struggled. Her pregnancy was her “scapegoat” to go after her dreams and start building her e-commerce brand. Her success enraptured other people that led her to start her mindset & coaching business.

Mindset Issues and Blocks


The worthiness of receiving a sudden influx of money is one of the challenging issue to handle. The guilt and shame thinking that the money you are not worthy of receiving it and in turn it is not your reality. Your subconscious mind is pushing it away and how can you scale your business if that’s the mindset you are in? For Kim, nothing is wrong.

Positive Mindset


Enforcing positive mindset should be a lifestyle. You hear these personal development terminologies in business on different mindset styles and you have to go through that “thought work.” Understand that staying positive is part of you and your lifestyle and start positivity in the first 15 minutes of your day. Set intentional thoughts of what you want to create is important because when you create something new, you become someone new.

God’s Role


God created everyone to prosper. He gave everything we need but we are clueless on how to access the resources he made for us. We live not to make the world better but to choose which world we want to be in—life or death. When you think about the positive things, you choose life. Otherwise, you choose death.

Resources Mentioned

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