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In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Matt McWilliams, President of Matt McWilliams Consulting, a marketing agency that works with SMBs on anything from retail clothing to music training. He was the Internet Marketing Manager of Legacy Learning Systems in Nashville. Affiliate Manager of the Year, 2010 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards, The Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards are the industry’s most prestigious and competitive distinctions he received. ABestWeb, the best online affiliate community, recognized him for his affiliate marketing expertise. He was voted 2009 Affiliate Manager of the Year and led Legacy Learning Systems to second place for Best Affiliate Program.

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About The Speaker:


For Matt, it wasn’t like, “Oh, I’m passionate about this.” His daughter is an entrepreneur at heart who has a million business ideas every minute and is a million times smarter than him. 


Ask For Better Skill Compensation


Approximately ten or fifteen years ago, research conducted at Carnegie Mellon University examined why men earn more than women two years after graduating. They discovered that the primary reason men earned more was that they are demanded more. Women, on the other hand, will sit on the outside and say, “Well, that’s the good old boys club.”, “I’m not sure I can break in.” As a result, women won’t even explain when they should be saying that. Instead, they will just be going to start an excellent old Women’s Club.



Numerous women would stop at “can you simply promote the thing, the training, the prize, and not follow through on what they want, which is to sell my product?”. Once the event or experience is over, the lack mentality kicks in, a component of it is our socialization. And all this other stuff, as well as our nature vs. nurture component of things.



The wife manages the finances. And it’s not because the husband is incapable, inept, or whatever. It is not once it enters her desire zone, but she has a so she derives some delight from regulating that. Matt has no idea what IRA is. He’s not sure what the upper limit is. When it changes each year, she knows that if it’s $6,812, she will make sure that she put $6,812 into the family’s IRA.


Promotion of Quality Content


As an affiliate, Matt calls it the first rule of affiliate marketing never to promote crap. Matt doesn’t care what the commissions are and how much money you can make; if it’s not a good fit for your audience, or the product is subpar, you can’t promote it. It’s more like, “Okay, I know this is going to benefit my audience.” And you are then seeing them three to five years from now achieving the results.



If you’re going all in, which means promoting the thing and then selling it, this means developing a plan at the outset. It states, “I’m going to send a particular number of emails and make a certain number of social media posts.” And one of the most significant findings was that the better-converting affiliates agreed on why we needed to discuss what we discussed at the outset, which is promotion and sales.




When you run an affiliate program, it’s entirely up to you. Email List identifiers are fictitious identifiers. They may be extraordinary individuals, but they are worthless to your business. What you do is determined by your system; it may be referred to as tagging or segmenting. You categorize them.



If you send an email to someone and don’t open it, there are only two possibilities. Number one, they’re not opening your emails. They’re on vacation, their email stopped working, you’re going to their spam folder. Or they go, Oh, wait, cats offering an affiliate. Oh, buy that thing or two or two. 


Choosing the Right Format for Your Promotion 


You can write a promotional post in the traditional format. While these formatting solutions are frequently ineffective in capturing the target audience’s attention, what you can do is personalize your promotional content. Compose your tale in such a way that it is easily relatable to others.



If you sell a $2,000 product and make 300 sales, your conversion rate is 1.5 percent. Close, that’s quite nice; it could be somewhat better, but it provides us something to work with. Suppose you close 2% of cold traffic. In that case, the algorithms analyze it and determine that you will close approximately 2.85% to 2.95 percent of affiliate traffic, on average, based on the data.


Identifying Target Consumers


How do you identify affiliates who are not only the, well, here are the ten people I believe should be affiliates? And how do we go about building an army of hundreds or thousands of affiliates, some of whom may operate in tangential niches? That is the area to focus on for growth. How can we transform individuals who are even competitors into partners?


Embrace Leveraging


It would be best if you had another team member, either internally or externally. Matt proposes interns but never recommends hiring Matt’s team to manage your launch. As long as the interns understand the techniques and plans, that is what Matt does to assist. They earn ten times as much money doing it for others as Matt does coaching others on how to do it. Thus, while this is an inferior business strategy, there is still value.


Become receptive to working with others 


One of the ways you can turn your competitors into your partners is to work with your competitors as an upsell or down-sell – a niche within a niche. Additionally, you can develop partners from non-buyers. It works in the sense that you ask these individuals what they are generally interested in. To drive sales, you must capture their interests and needs and meet them.



Some people are converted into potential customers with the assistance of your present customers. You must establish excellent customers to be able to upsell your items and reach your ideal clientele. It is how referral marketing works.


Appropriate Scheduling 


Different people will be pushing other products at various periods throughout the year. To market and assist them and develop your profits, you must first arrange your calendar ahead of time. You are not required to deliver anything under this method unless you offer anything as a bonus, which does not necessarily have to include your time to assist with the sales process.



Nine out of ten, the optimal system is the one you are currently using. Thus, this is where you can add it. If it pleases you, it will work with gentle perplexity and all those other ones. That is the first. If it performs the essential functions, such as when someone sends a click and subsequently makes a transaction, indicating that someone sent this lead to me, it is acceptable.


Using Technology To Your Advantage


A report is something that does not rely on a human being to remember to run it. However, something is generated automatically and can provide you with a task list: “here are the three things you should prioritize.” And then, from a corporate standpoint, just “geeking” out over having that report card. These are the red regions, which indicate that you should pay close attention to them.




Investing time and resources into a do not is one of the biggest illusions in the affiliate marketing field because individuals think, “I don’t need an affiliate program.” Do things the proper way. To establish a list of affiliates, you must first sell a product and then convert it. Consider the leverage. Due to your ability to generate conversions, Facebook advertisements and any other platforms make sense to you because of your knowledge.

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