Revenue Accelerator with Megan Hale

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Megan Hale,  a profit-first business strategist, money mentor, and former psychotherapist. She helps equity-driven entrepreneurs step into more feel-good money, start to step into their earning potential, and do epic and powerful things in the world. Today, Megan will share many different tools and strategies for making good money and how you can be more at ease in handling your money.

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Feel-good money


You can start making feel-good money right now. Feel-good money is a lot of different things. It’s around making money in a way that feels good and aligned with your values. It’s also respectful of your energy and is not asking you to work to burnout mode or depletion. It’s also around having a relationship with money that feels supportive. More money doesn’t fix the way money feels. You have to do some money-specific work to shift how that feels when you get there while ensuring that you’re doing things with your money that feel good. It’s three different pieces; how you make it, how you experience it, and what you do with it.


2% Business


Profit First is an allocation system that helps you dial in your margins to ensure that you are running a sustainable business and a profitable one. An allocation system will give you specific custom percentages for how much of your revenue should be going towards your personal pay, setting aside for taxes, to running your business, or setting aside for profit.



A 2% shift usually felt really sustainable and gradual for people. That was the foundation for the 2% pledge, starting to help people step into giving in a feasible, sustainable way. 


Making more money and be at ease


Part of this comes down to having an allocation system where you know what healthy margins are for you and your business. That helps clarify exactly how much money you truly need to earn for your business to be sustainable. When you understand your real target revenue numbers, that can also create a lot more ease.



The other piece that goes into ease is how you’re designing your business to earn revenue. If you have way too many things going on energetically, you’ll feel scattered. That’s going to decrease your potency. You’re not going to feel fully potent, what you’re here to do, and the way that you’re able to execute things in your business. If you can dial in and simplify your business model, that will do so much for ease as well.  



The third component is understanding what money means to you, instead of making, wanting money, bad or wrong, greedy or selfish. Having a completely different relationship dynamic with money where you see it as such a powerful, loving force for good in the world can bring a lot more ease to your sales process.


Money issues that profitable people tend to encounter


Higher earners step into a new revenue level. It’s sometimes hard for them to trust that money is here to stay. They don’t feel safe enjoying that money. People often think that when they step into more money, it creates a sense of calm, ease, and mastering; they’re going to know what to do with it. They don’t ever have to worry about money.



No matter how much money you’re making, you’re always going to have to be making decisions with it. And that is a very personal responsibility. Stepping into more money doesn’t mean that it’s all of a sudden just going to be no money worries.


The red flags when you don’t have a good money relationship


Explore your unique attachment style with money. Your unique attachment style with money might be the same as it is with people. You’re going to be anxious with money, anxious with people. How do you typically respond to that if you go into a conflict with one of your best friends? Do you tend to ruminate over the conversation? You play it back over and over in your head, think about what you said or what they said and what you could have said differently, and you’re stressed out about it.



But what is here for you is thinking about what it would be like to create secure attachment with money where you feel grounded, safe, or have ways of coping with vulnerability. Because a lot of times when you’re feeling a certain way about money, sometimes it’s about money, but sometimes it’s not. You’re just projecting stuff onto money because it’s an easy scapegoat.


Recommendations to create the revenue momentum.


Understand what a foundational offer is in your business. A foundational offer should do a couple of key things. It should be your most valuable offer, not just price point wise but the transformation you are providing for people. On the financial piece, a foundational offer is also going to take you to a good goal. Your good goal is always going to cover what you need.


The differentiator between someone who’s getting by in their business and someone who’s multiplying their success year over year


A lot of it comes down to intentional business design. Many people in the money space talk so much about the healing aspects of money, which is 100% important if you want money to feel differently. But it’s not always a prerequisite to earning more money.  



It’s around getting clear on the business design that creates more sustainability and ease. How you structure your offers matters immensely with how you’re experiencing your business. Facilitating your work, how you’re pricing your offers has a big impact. It’s not just the inner work. It’s also the strategy, the structure, the systems that really help you step into more money.


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