Revenue Accelerator with Megan Huber

In this episode of The Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Megan Huber, a business and life coach. Megan focuses on working with female coaches who are transitioning from working with clients one-on-one to help them create, launch, and fill their group coaching programs and masterminds to build a business model that gives them more freedom. Today, Megan discusses her insights and thoughts about group discussions, community-building, and establishing leadership.

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One-on-One vs. Group Discussions


Based on Megan’s experience, group discussion is better. She found out that her clients who worked one-on-one paled compared to those who are in groups...which far exceeded the results. Seeing other people doing their thing invites you to elevate yourself, thoughts, and actions that you are taking. One-on-one on the other  hand felt like telling the same story over and over again, every single week.

Building a Community


Building your own community at the free level is crucial from a marketing and leadership perspective. A Public Facebook Group which you can treat as an organic funnel that allows you to generate leads outside your Facebook group or other social platforms. You need to create content that gets the attention of your ideal clients, and it should be accessible to them for free.

Identifying the Structure


Megan would talk to her client and figure out what would work best for them. Most coaches do not realize that they have a system or process that their clients could follow. It all depends on what assets, systems, and support you have in place.


The last thing that you want to happen is having more people in your programs means many problems that you need to deal with. You should always be ready for any problems that may arise at any point in time.

Leveraging Group Programs


You take the old-school traditional launches except it's all automated. It is about being a leader inside a community, bringing in ideal clients, providing valuable content to them, and go live for nine days in a row with your cart opened for five days – you can fill your programs this way.



Megan’s golden ticket is to simplify. The faster path to cash is simplifying your offers but it should be offers that you could be selling all the time. You want a business model that allows people to say “Yes!” to you programs monthly, and it should be duplicatable.

Facebook Group Engagement 


When Facebook Groups don’t  have as many engagements as anticipated, it is all about changing your mindset and understanding that you are the leader of your community. It’s your job to ensure that you are creating content that would allow your members to engage through that content.


Any person who joins your community is the most excited about your offer in the first two weeks. You should have a rhythm and consistent content that you can post daily or scheduled – it can be a status post or Facebook Live.



Niche yourself way more than you think. You don’t know how to create the most potent and prolific content that will magnetize a certain individual. The tighter you can niche yourself, the better. Otherwise, staying broad will be difficult for you to fill that program. If you can’t describe a day in the life of your ideal client, and what they are thinking, you have not narrowed yourself enough.

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