Revenue Accelerator with Meghann Conter

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Meghann Conter. As a Marketing Coach and Consultant for years, Megan has a talent for connecting people. Her area of skill is humans in general. She has a knack for remembering individuals and connecting the right people based on intuition and strategy. Today, Meghann takes us through the essential aspects one should keep in mind to generate quality referrals and build a strong network of opportunities.

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Be Creative

[08:52] Creativity is lacking in business. It’s a very feminine element that may be suppressed but hindered in business. Creativity can come out if you can laugh and let that cork pop. Women may be themselves and interact with their peers more authentically. It also allows that feminine energy to come out and genuinely interact with other women the way women do, not the way males do.

Let go of limiting beliefs.

[18:50] To network efficiently, you must unravel old beliefs to have a new set of ideas. It necessitates the business owner’s or professional’s self-awareness. It necessitates a grasp of your target audience or the important people with whom you must conduct business. It necessitates a profound comprehension of something as well as the ability to communicate that externally. Once you’ve determined your target audience, you may examine the circle of influence that surrounds them.

Embrace referral system

[22:41] One of the most potent types of commercial transactions is recommendations. It’s almost as if the selling is done for you, especially when someone shows up for that sales call. And if you’ve done your job well as the referral partner, you’ve provided that individual with the necessary information to assist you in closing the sale. When you have a Power Partner out there selling you, you are already 80% sold before you even get into the sales conversation because your Power Partner has been pushing for you. And they’ve been explaining why you need to work with this person.

Explaining Power Partnership

[23:25] Being open is essential, followed by a strategy and your own measuring and monitoring. When you engage in a possible power partnership connection, you explain why both sides are unfamiliar with it. Unless you’ve been a member of some group that believes in power partnerships, this may be unfamiliar to many individuals. As a result, you must explain what you’re doing immediately away. It might assist if you’re out there straight away, honest with exactly what you’re searching for.


Be Strategic

[24:34] If you can be clear on those few kinds of Power Partners, the other person on the receiving end can suggest you to someone who you are looking for to do business with if you’re asking influence on who to connect with. You should also have a better knowledge of what your power partner expects from the collaboration. 

Build a concise profile

[29:42] If you’re unclear about who you are, what you do best, or how you’re differentiating yourself, they won’t know who to send to you. Not being explicit to your power partners about what words or pain points you’re listening for or if you don’t arm your power partners with the correct arsenal has a significant impact on your referral.

Always ask for recommendations

[31:10] Make a point of asking for references at your group power partner meetings every six weeks. There are many other fantastic methods to accomplish that you can learn once you’re in the game, but asking for those referrals strategically helps that other person remember you are one of them. Ask for referrals in novel and strategic ways and create time for it and not let it lapse. 

[33:49] The more detailed you are, the easier it will be for them to refer you to others. The more generic you are, the more challenging it becomes. Thus, nothing is more infuriating for a marketer or a net person who runs a networking organization than referring to your target consumer as women, anyone with skin, or virtually any other language that alludes to the same concept.

Have a portfolio of former clients

[34:18] Consider mentioning your previous clientele while asking for references. Pick scenarios or distinct case studies that show what your clients look like before and after you work with them. And what are some of the outward factors that someone must see to declare, “I know someone who is exactly like that person?” That is an important approach for soliciting outstanding referrals in a way that you assume you will always have new prospects to discuss. It will also always help your power partners find someone new to send your way.

Work with others

[37:25] There are so many possibilities for collaboration. It’s all about keeping an open mind for innovation. You two are very similar in terms of methods, procedures, and the way you accomplish things. You excel in one area while the other excels in another. So you both join forces and create something that you can sell together. 


[44:18] Each of us has such magnificent lights within ourselves. The worst thing we can do is continue to be uninformed of that light and let it shine. Many people are walking around in these black cloaks that keep our light from shining through. Fear of visibility and being seen is taking far too many women’s lives. Dimming that light is the worst thing you could do. Enabling yourself to genuinely find who you are and what you appreciate about yourself, and then allowing that light to shine brighter and brighter. Make any required tweaks to allow it to shine through. Never, ever believe that you can’t run a profitable business around that. Because you have the ability, seek a group that will support you in spreading that light in an empowering manner.

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