Revenue Accelerator with Michael DeLon

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, our guest is Michael Delon. He is the president of Paperback Expert, which helps business owners publish a book that positions them as experts in their field. Business owners seek Michael to clarify their brand strategies, make them bestselling authors, and set up their profitable podcast. They use their Credibility Marketing strategies to gain more clients, get more referrals, and grow their revenue. Since 2013, Michael has worked with business owners across the United States and internationally to establish and market their credibility.

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The Common Struggle for Business Owners
Business owners struggle with marketing because there are so many shiny objects, and they get confused and stagnate. Michael helps these business owners clarify their brand strategies. He shares that there is a reason for what you do if you have a story. When that story is told properly, it sets you apart from everybody else.
What does credibility have to do with branding?
Credibility is what people have to know about your brand to like and trust you. What happens in marketing can happen in the minds of your audience, and it’s how they think about you.
You have to step into that role and understand how credibility works for audiences. If you publish a book, great. When you become an Amazon Best Seller, that’s the next level. When you have media credentials, as seen on ABC, NBC, or Fox, the audience looks at that and sees you as a thought leader. That’s credibility in the mind of your audience. Most business owners really miss the mark because they don’t understand that marketing happens between the ears of your prospect and how they think about you.
Positioning your Brand and Credibility in the Marketplace
It starts with your clear branding and story. Everywhere Michael goes, he tells his story of escaping prison and being a foster parent. He knows that somebody is going to connect with his stories. He says that understanding his whole story is the seed that has grown into his company, the Paperback Expert.

What is Marketing?
What makes you choose one restaurant over the other three that offer the same type of food? It’s the experience. It’s the people around you. They’re going to buy you much more than they are whatever you do. Marketing is everything you do to gain and retain a client.
When you show up on the sales call, Michael will let you know the price and the process. He preconditions his clients to let them know that Michael is the guy for them, and Michael gives his clients the information they are looking for.
People in business are scared to give their prices right away to their clients because they might scare them away. The truth is that they will say no when you waste your time on the phone. Give them the information and share videos and testimonials of clients you’ve helped. Give them everything you can.
Tug of War
There is a tug of war that we all fight with. One is time vs. money. Time is the commodity when resources are running out. When you help a business owner save some time, they’re going to give you their money because that’s a valuable resource that can’t be replaced. The other tug of war is intellect vs. emotion.
Offering Micro-trainings
Michael sends out a daily email to his list. He wants people to know, like, and trust him. He stays in touch with that list and sends out daily emails. Doing that lets him position himself in the minds of his clients regularly. When you start offering those regularly to your list who listen to you every day, you’re going to convert those people who are on your database. Business owners are so focused on getting more leads that they forget to nurture these people on their email list. A regular micro training to that list keeps them engaged with who you are, offers them great value, and positions you as the expert.
You want to be the one they think of first and feel the best about when they need your service.
How to Draw People to You
It’s a lot like the ocean to walk go to the beach, you look at the ocean, and there are waves and currents. The consistency of who you are, how you show up, and what you say is the current of your credibility. That’s what’s going to draw people to you
You need to build systems on many things. Then you build these ones on top of the others like stackables. And then, in six months or a year, you have three to six systems marketing with your message. It just takes some time and some focus. Stop chasing everything and stay true to yourself, your message, and your brand.
Michael’s Final Advice
Be yourself. Find out your story. Tell your story. Be you because that’s who people really want to know, and tell your story because it is essential.

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