Revenue Accelerator with Michelle Bridger

In this episode, we have invited Michelle Bridger, she owns an agency that works with authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, and a few wonderful brick and mortars. And she works also with ROI First Strategies to scale their Facebook ads. Today, we’re going to be asking the questions you might be thinking of when it comes to paid traffic for your business.

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Michelle’s Work


Michelle loves working with her clients. She is very selective in who she takes on. Her clients are passionate about giving great content and making life changing transformation for their clients.

Facebook Ads


Far too much, without even testing the offer, people get to Facebook advertising too soon. And it's almost always because of the offer that Facebook advertisements crash. They know that their title is strong,  tested it to their warm viewers, and know that their offer will convert.

Importance of tracking things


The agency has a focus on ROI.  They have these beautiful spreadsheets that, day by day, bring in the data, so their clients can know their numbers. 

Best Advice about E-commerce


If you have just a little bit of cash to invest in ads,  and you want to dip your toe in the water, the place to dip that toe in with retargeting ads. Many of my clients do that before they start to go out for cold traffic, strong lead magnets are a great start too before they start to do like the webinar ads, which are much more expensive.

Marketing strategies don’t work.


One is the dollar-a-day strategy - or even $5 / day when clients would want to  only dip my toenail in.  You won't buy data quickly enough at that budget to quickly get back the information to analyze and make the adjustments, it’s just frustrating for you.


It's never set it and forget it. Funnels take constant changing and testing because the market changes your people, what they need is changing, and you have to constantly refine it to meet those needs constantly.


Marketing strategy to boost revenues. 


Facebook ads that are working are challenges. They haven't gotten old. Currently, we're running one right now, in the productivity niche, and that got 700 leads for less than 75 cents. 


What I've seen is still, the challenges are still great; people love them. They love the small actionable steps that they can do. And then you are seeding the offer all the way along and then giving the offer at the end.

Keep Swinging. 


Michelle thinks it's just the grit is just that you just keep swinging the bat. No matter what stage that you're at, it's always going to take testing and refining.


Resources Mentioned