Revenue Accelerator with Minling Chuang

In this episode, our guest is Minling Chuang. She is a Digital Marketing Expert and the Founder and Brand Strategy Consultant of Brand Fame. She helps her clients with their brand message and positioning in a strategic and energetic way. She believes that who we are as people and how we come across in our energies has a direct effect on the way our brand shows up. She works with her clients on both the branding strategy and the energetics to align their brand.

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[1:33] What would you tell someone who doesn’t know how to receive?

It ‘s not just wanting to receive. It’s understanding your blocks around receiving in all areas of your life. We all have limiting beliefs and subconscious thoughts that are underneath the surface. If we don’t believe that we are deserving of receiving or we neglect to receive, we’re not allowing ourselves to receive more.


[5:25] How do you release those bad energies?

One thing that you can always do is you can always ground into the earth. So like on grass, or with trees, in the sand, and dirt. Just imagine yourself releasing all of that energy from your body or space into the earth.


It’s really good to just release that because you don’t want to hold on to that tension. If you had anything that you feel dense and negative in, release it because people can feel that density. People can feel that heaviness when you go to your next session or networking.


[8:25] How do you stay into that higher energetic vibration that attracts abundance and helps you receive?

People want a higher energetic vibration right into their lives. That’s what they’re attracted to.


Look at where you are coming from and what your intention is as you’re going in. Start to be very aware of “Am in that place of desperation or am I in that place of total abundance.” If you trust that everything is going to be okay, if you trust that whatever you believe, in that the right clients will always come to you no matter what, then you don’t have to be in that lack. Don’t go into the fear.


Write down all the different ways that clients could come to you potentially—brainstorm so that you don’t focus on that one person.


[13:04] How does this concept of receiving and working through past traumas and rewriting scripts helped your clients?

A lot of people get branding wrong because they want to be somebody else. It’s not that you can’t be somebody else. We can always create our own identity of who we want to be, but if it’s inauthentic and we’re doing it because we think it’s going to get us somewhere, that’s not authentic to who we are because we talk differently. We act differently, and we have different values.  




You really got to understand who you are as a person and understand your own soul, understand your essence, and really understand what you want to put out and your flavor of it in your way of doing it because otherwise, if you try to do something through somebody else’s way, it’s not going to work.


You can have inspiration, but then just shift it into how you can make it yours and authentic in the way you express yourself. Be very clear on owning your stand, your message, and what you’re here to share.


Try to find who you are as a person authentically. That’s where your brand comes from. Once you know your message, what your voices are, how you speak, and do introspective work, then you hire the branding person to help you bring that to life.


[18:29] How can you step out without the feeling of vulnerability?


There are so many layers to that because it is a deep dive into your stories and how you showed up. The process is really starting to be aware. Awareness is a key to starting to make a shift and change because at any point we can make, we’re making choices whether we follow our pattern subconsciously or we make a new decision. But you want to first start to be aware that that’s actually happening.


It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re in corporate America or you’re an entrepreneur or a mom, or whatever it is, you’re more in control of your life than you probably want to give yourself credit for.


Showing up Authentically


The more that you can connect to people authentically, the more they’re going to fall in love with you and the more you’re going to sell.


You really need to understand who you are and how you show up first before you do the marketing because your marketing won’t be as effective if you don’t know who you are. It’s like the foundational piece.


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