Revenue Accelerator with Natalie Lavelock

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Natalie Lavelock, founder and CEO of Natalie Lavelock Coaching & Consulting, a coach, Speaker & Program Development Specialist. Natalie helps turn entrepreneur expertise into unique, profitable offers to create multiple streams of income for a business. Today, Natalie shares how to increase and generate new revenue streams with one of her unique skill sets.A

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What do you see people screwing up when it comes to trying to do? 


The biggest screw-up is just doing everything backward and trying to get the quick payoff before you've done the work. Aside from that, people love shortcuts.

Natalie Expertise 


Natalie's expertise is in developing programs, online courses and certification programs which she already mastered when she works in the hospital and now apply to entrepreneurs. The biggest thing that she sees people going wrong with is that everybody wants that passive income and wants it directly like wanting to put in a little bit of work.


When you have got the right system, the right audience the right offer, then when you turn on the launch strategy, you could make six figures very quickly.

Building Courses


People are moving towards their cores. It is just a natural progression and expansion of what they've already done. We did not stand up and run a marathon when we are two months old. It just becomes easy when you do it through the natural progression.

Experience doing the course.


The pathway, just depending on what you're looking for, in your business, where you want to go, the path doesn't have to be strictly one on one group course.



You should start to create your programs and products now.


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