Revenue Accelerator with Pamela George

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we are happy to introduce you to our guest,  Pamela George. Rockstar does not even encompass what this woman has been through and what she is doing in the world today! She is a financial powerhouse. But it wasn’t always that way. She was born into poverty and raised by an illiterate mother. As a young child, Pamela vowed to create her own financial wealth, breaking the cycle that was passed on to her by her family. Through her work, she has healed her own money trauma and now stands before us all as a strong and financially empowered woman who now lives her purpose by supporting women across the globe to create their own financial freedom and build generational wealth through her signature framework: The Seven Pillars of Money Management.

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[ 01:29 ] Marrying the “money mindset” and believing and manifesting with actual numbers and dollars and cents.


[ 03:32 ] I help my clients see that they need to understand that their money mindset, their mental blocks and what they have gone through, all affects their behavior around money. And when you address that, and you match it with the money aspect of dollars and cents, then you come out of it feeling really financially empowered.


[ 04:46 ] Money ghosting. This is when a potential client who you know was all set to pull the trigger, they’ve read the invoice email, you know they have, but they just froze.  They are not responsive, they are just ghosting you because they are afraid to make that investment commitment.  They might be dealing with their own issues that have nothing to do with you at all…so it is best to give them some space and grace to figure things out.


[ 07:49 ] We are accountable to manage our own triggers. It's not other people's fault. 

So take on that responsibility, and be accountable for what has happened. Understanding your triggers, is an important thing. A firm believer in therapy, God knows I had my share of it. 


[ 12:3 ] Here's this gratitude and living and enjoying the moment. That comes with a settling, a grounding, so that I can really focus on what my purpose is, what's my intention, what I want for my life, what I want my future to look like what is important to me, and my values. 


[ 20:36 ] What does wealth mean? It's not just money. It's not just millions of dollars coming in, but it's also the time to spend with family.


[ 24:13 ]It’s not JUST SAVING,  if you don't save RIGHT, you can’t be successful in your savings. 


[ 25:19 ] You need to have a money date.  Sit with your money, crack open a bottle of wine if that takes the edge off - it's a date, and sit with your money, start with thirty minutes and do the things that will help you to build wealth.

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