Revenue Accelerator with Pearl Cox

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Pearl Cox. She is a communications consultant, speaker, and coach who offers specialists across different fields by leveraging digital communication, speaking, coaching, and mentoring to support them in their current roles. She specifically supports director-level women in the corporate grind and shows them how to build a business using their transferable skills and adopt the attraction law. Today, she talks with us about how visibility and leveraging your current skill sets can multiply your current business without any extravagant and complicated strategies. 

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A Speaker for Women


Someone reached out to Pearl asking for women speakers that excelled in a male-dominated area. This started her journey to speaking. The first time she spoke was at a school in the UK where she shared her story with girls. She hoped to give them pearls of wisdom and insights as to how they could grow.


Pearl produced images where she tagged everyone. These images were her tools for understanding communication and branding. The colors she used were specially picked for International Women's Day. So with the color scheme, she also added "Pearls of Wisdom" to emphasize power on her brand.

Law of Attraction in Communication 


In the law of attraction, you want to manifest what you want. You have your idea, set your goals, and want to go where you want. That's affirmations and the law of attraction. If you look at it that way you do it without realizing it, you will understand the process behind it and do it without realizing it. With communication, you can then share with others and use your understanding to share your message with everyone.


When you order a meal off the menu in a restaurant, you don't think it's not going to come. You take it for granted that once you've put it out there, you've put it out, you've ordered it. If you wait, that order comes back to you. That's the way the Law of Attraction works. You put the business into the mix along with your passion. You can then manifest quicker and build your business quicker.

Less Expectations 


There are these hidden doors that people kind of go through. But it is not something that you're allowed to talk about in the corporate space. You can't just be like sending an email and expect to have a positive outcome. You can't always lean in energetically positive expectations because people will roll their eyes at you. But you also must work with people in terms of standing in that faith and not dismissing their power.

Project Management Skills


Any parent that juggles with a budget gets children ready for school. This is like project management. It's understanding that and seeing how you can put that in. Project management is an essential skill in the workplace and you can learn so many things from that.

Personal Development 


If you're looking to speak to your line manager and have a personal development plan, you start to collect all these things like when you created your presentations, when you delivered a talk to people in your team, etc. It's taking information and breaking it down and showing it to someone else. That is showing leadership, guidance, and an understanding of where you are. If you can articulate that into a personal development discussion, you can then take that onto an interview to help you move up. It's taking all those skill sets that you've learned and putting them to promote yourself to set yourself up and put those foundations to be the entrepreneur. That's where transferable skills come into every area of your life. You will not realize it until you start to think like that.

Working with Others 


In terms of engagement and reach, people only have to look at Pearl's sites and network. She would expect someone to work with her to look at her profile before they approach her. With this type of mindset, that's where the social profile should stand out. It will show you in the best possible light and show. If you say you can do something, it should reflect that in your work areas.

Pearls of Wisdom


Always believe in yourself. Go for the biggest dream possible. You're going to make it. Don't let anyone knock you down because you can achieve absolutely anything.


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