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Why does the sales Industry have a high level of turnover?
You have to get paid for what you're producing. Know that people leave leaders, they don't leave companies. Another high reason for turnover is burnout. Burnout and how effective a sales leader has an immediate impact on the sales team. Only 57% of salespeople achieve quota because their sales leader does not properly mentor them.
How the Sales leadership Hierarchy Works
The higher you go in sales leadership, the more problems you deal with. The flip side of that is if the younger leaders or the people closer to the sales force were trained properly, they could handle better. They could handle the problems faster and quicker, and there wouldn't be a bottleneck. Things wouldn't have to constantly work their way up to the top so that leaders would have more time.
Why People Leave Companies
Leaders aspire to be excellent. However, statistics show that only 20% of leaders are untrustworthy. When it comes to leadership and its impact on culture, if you have a great boss, people will stick with you. If they are not being developed, 85 percent of millennials will leave their jobs. They anticipate personal growth. If they don't see a path to advancement and progression, 90% of high performers will leave.
Things outside the Leadership Development that helped reduce the Turnover Timeframe.
You must hire the right people. In addition to leadership development, management must know how to train these new reps. There must be a balance between recruiting, onboarding, and training. That, of course, is dependent on the organization. It is not as costly as many people believe. The owner is usually the number one salesperson in a growing company, and it's more difficult than people think to get someone's brilliance out of their head and duplicate it.
You need visionaries, but then you also need integrators. You can't do the distinctions between a leader and a manager. You need to keep the vision front and center. You need to be inspiring. You also need to have the team buy-in that it's good and implementable. Teach them the metrics and let them know how many people they have to talk to. All of that stuff needs to be there, or it's just a bunch of empty words.
Importance of Helping
If you're helping a salesperson on the team or a sales leader is helping someone on their team makes everybody better. Helping each other get better helps everyone get better. It is a more fun way to work. You need to have persistence in sales. But if you're doing dull, meaningless work and you hate every minute of it, you're not going to last very long.
The Fastest Way to Get Better
If you want to accelerate, you must first slow down. After a certain point, you can't outwork yourself to improve.
Bad Feedback is Good News
We never want to be the bearer of bad news. But if the bad news or the bad feedback is seen as good news, it's actually for the betterment of you and the whole team. Build a culture where feedback is expected and wanted because we all want to continue to get better. But there are some lightning moments when people pause and think through the topics we discuss.

Finding Great Leaders
Companies like to promote from within, especially people who are great with the culture. But often, organizations aren't doing the best job of letting people know that they are being pegged for leadership or the company recognizes they have no clue. You need to look at specific qualities about great leaders, and it has nothing to do with their number one rank on the leaderboard.

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