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In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Ryann Dowdy. Randy has 15 years of corporate sales experience and is now an entrepreneur. She’s passionate about transforming people’s perceptions of sales, empowering business owners and salespeople, and giving potential clients an authentic sales experience. Today, Ryann shares her powerful ideas about sales and how someone could learn to embrace the sales culture wholeheartedly, disregarding the negative feeling associated with deals.

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About the Guest
Ryann began her sales career and immediately realized that PR and sales were remarkably similar, except that sales paid a commission when someone answered yes. She started selling radio advertising at the age of 21 and worked her way up the sales ladder, from individual contributor to regional sales trainer to national sales trainer to Channel Sales Manager before retiring as the Director of Sales for a digital marketing firm.
Negativity on Sales
Why do so many people despise sales? Or, alternatively, what exactly is it that we're afraid of? It arises from the fact that we've all been sold something that didn't seem right. To make a long story short, we've developed this odd perception about sales. Some of our feelings about sales stem from how we were sold.
When you're in that headspace where you despise selling, the most significant thing you can do is walk away and find your happy spot. Hitting your head against the wall doesn’t help you feel better when you're having a bad day. Get out of there, take a deep breath, and find something else to do. Set a time limit for yourself, and remember why you do what you do.
Be Appreciative Of The Success of Others
How do we escape the comparison trap? We must learn to applaud others. When we can get to that space where we are cheering people on, it changes the entire comparison trap because we no longer ask why they have something that we don't. There is enough for everyone, and we genuinely need to make that mental change.
Powerful Sales Habits
Making sales a part of your day-to-day operations is the first step in developing sales habits. The sales habit of successful firms stems from what they do regularly. Whatever that looks like, we need to make sure we're doing something every day that takes us closer to and closer to revenue.
Salespeople believe they can do better on their own, and this is true. The best way to sell is to be wholly involved. You can win the revenue game by aggressively engaging in sales discussions with someone who closes at a lower ratio than you.
Be A Proactive Mentor
We forget that we, too, were once terrible. You got a lot of no's, battled with sales interactions, and ran into roadblocks you didn't know how to overcome. You've put your foot in your mouth during sales interactions and said ridiculous things, and this person will do the same. The good news is that you are their mentor, coach, cheerleader, and someone who has gone before them. As a result, they'll rush past that section, but it will remain. There's no getting around it.
The Barriers to Six to Seven Figure Revenues
The most significant mindset barrier in sales is the bottleneck issue on the trip from six to seven; it's typically the final item on people's to-do list. That is what keeps us there: the desire to preserve control and do everything in the conviction that your clients will only buy from you. We're unwilling to let go, we're opposed to outsourcing, or there's this false narrative that it's not going to work if it's not you; nobody will want to buy from anyone else. As a result, we find ourselves hesitating and waiting.

Be of Service
As someone developing the skill sets necessary for improved salesmanship, what would simplify the entire process boils down to service. When we focus on service, we enter a flow state where we are not here to sell something but serve something through selling. You develop the mindset that you are not simply dealing with people and conducting transactions, but rather that you seek out individuals and develop meaningful relationships with them. Relationship sales are natural when we place a premium on service connections.
Transactional vs. Relationship Marketing
It's all about connecting on a human level. However, are your clients satisfied? Are their needs met? These are the questions that must be asked. You must question yourself: Is this what you desire? Nobody but you is judging you. There's this external thing where we believe we're constantly comparing ourselves to the person we could be. However, if we continue to do so, we will always fall short or continue to compare ourselves to someone else. It's just a matter of being present, being in the moment, and taking pleasure in the process.
Nuggets of Wisdom
The only people you must answer at the end of the day are yourself and your higher power, whatever that may be for you—and taking full ownership of it. We'd be more successful at being honest with ourselves and knowing what we want if we looked inwards at ourselves and our Creator and how and why we were created. When you're in that position of power, you're not afraid to send that message, reach out to that person, follow up, write that article, and do all of those revenue-generating activities because nothing is frightening when you're fully aligned.

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