Revenue Accelerator with Samantha Riley

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Samantha Riley. She is a bestselling author, speaker, and host of the Influence by Design podcast. Samantha has judged the Stevie Awards and has built various businesses over the last two decades, including her first seven-figure business. Samantha collaborates with specialists to help people create their enterprises in a way that is indeed linked with living their life by design, Today, she talks about her techniques that are effectively helping clients achieve success in personal and business ventures.

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Relationships in Life by Design
The importance of relationships in achieving success cannot be overstated. We have business in our lives all of the time, and we need to be surrounded by the right people; we need an inner circle, collaboration partners, and the same in our personal lives. We need an internal group that is always there for us.
Distinguish Experts
Samantha's method of determining whether or not someone is an expert is to ask them about their expertise and assist them in unpacking what they know, and they always claim to know little about it. Samantha believes that those who know so much that they recognize how little they know are the ones who truly understand.
The Guest
Samantha ran a dancing studio for 20 years while running retail establishments and raising three children. Running three different brick-and-mortar enterprises, two of which would operate during the day and one would work at night. She realized she had reached a point where she appeared to have lost everything.
The Keep Principle
The keep notion is broken into four distinct portions, which become apparent when mentally dumping everything onto paper. Knowledge comes first, then skill, experience, and lastly, excitement. These may not appear to be business-related, but they are since they contain multiple stories, metaphors, and lessons.
When you can pull all of this together, you will earn a lot of money. If something is fundamental to you, there will be others who will find what you're offering extremely valuable. When you can pull it all together and produce something truly unique, you will attract the attention of the other people who are simply waiting for it.
Perfect Timing
Samantha proposes selecting the optimal period for your company's life cycle, similar to childbirth. While many individuals like to work from the bottom up, she has discovered that this takes significantly longer since you require more structured business training when you have lesser sales.
Critical Factors for an Effective Online Course
[18:09] For an online course to be highly effective, three elements must be present: Your content or the course component; Your coaching section, which is your Q and A; A community, which may be Facebook groups or workshops.
Samantha prefers a monthly recurring income model in which customers come in, and she coaches them through each iteration of the course in real-time. That is the brand-new content that will be included in the course.
Live Recordings
Samantha loves recording live modules for several reasons: Recording on your own and uploading a video does not provide real-time feedback. When people ask questions during the conversation, the information is included in the recordings, which helps the viewer grasp a subject better when they hear it from someone else.

Indications for Change
Feeling stale, depleted, as if your business is a slog, or if you're beginning to dislike your clientele, are indicators that something has to change and change quickly. That means digging inward and determining what you're missing from the business to fill your cup and have an overflow so you can return to giving and serving your clients.
Nuggets of Wisdom
When we are out of equilibrium, our bodies communicate. Pay attention to your body's signals since this will help you get into that "what's going on here?" feeling.
You must be pretty clear about how you want to live your life. What kind of life do you want to live? Because it will show you where to make changes to your business to avoid self-sabotage. If you're the bottleneck in your own company, fire yourself. Avoid those tasks and delegate them to others so you can concentrate solely on your brilliance zone.

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