Revenue Accelerator with Therese Skelly

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Therese Skelly, a former therapist turned mentor to mission-driven leaders and entrepreneurs. Therese helps people decide who you must be for that, clear any blocks that would prevent your success, and plan how we’ll get you known as even more of the expert you are. Today, Therese shares about the power of the right mindset, strategy and support. You will be able to have more time off, increase your income, and recapture your passion and drive for your business.

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Unconscious Block


The number one indicator that you are in the unconscious block is when you experience collapsing. It is a feeling when you suddenly feel to stop and start in what you are doing.


Your brain is wired to keep you safe, small, and stuck. Our brains are always going to tell us what is dangerous, what is not. It takes a ton of stuff to get the right strategy, but you must understand how not to be sucked into this like losing.

Recognizing and supporting your business


The first is to stop listening to your thoughts. The second is to ask your body, is this feeling belong to you and the third is to recognize fear as not being your own.

Proper mindset to grow your business.


"You have to own your value" is a key part of selling. Therese has seen the rise in salespeople who fail to sell because they don't know how to own their value. It does not matter if you're the right formula, the right system, if you can own your value, and the selling compensation.

Reactive State versus Creative State


If you do not feel your chronological age, you are regressed. A child should not run a business. You must train your brain to go okay. Pause, okay, because what the magic that we have now is a thing called neuroplasticity where we literally can prune off. When you start hearing those repetitive thoughts, it's going to strengthen as opposed to awareness.


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