Revenue Accelerator with Tom Brush

In this episode, we have invited Tom Brush, a non-profit consultant and coach who works with non-profit stakeholders and institutions to develop policies to enhance participation in their electoral environments, actively organize volunteers and committees, maximize private, corporate and charity giving, and strategically manage the donor. Today, Tom shares how to understand and know what your mission is – one assumes this is a given, but sadly, not for many nonprofits.

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How people make money. 


In nonprofits, sometimes, all they think about is the dollar amount at the end.  How much time and effort, and energy is it going to go to raise whatever it is? So a lot of times, if they took that time and leveraged it differently, it might be more effective.

Building Relationships


If you don't understand the relationship or the perspective of that relationship, you're going to send them the wrong message, and they're not going to be engaged.

Better Connection to People


There are a lot of questions to donate to charity. There may be a lower degree or a beginning level of discomfort. It could all be about your mother having cancer or your grandma having cancer. And what they truly want is a way to sustain their lives.

Understanding Rejection


You just must understand and take yourself out of it. 

Key areas in Non-profit


Timing is key in the nonprofit world. You can put all the messaging out that you want, but it won't reach them if it doesn't touch them. It's a tough thing because it's so individual but buying is personal.

Rubik's Cube analogy 


When he was a kid, he spent his time playing Rubik's Cube, and when it just got me thinking about, you know, there are processes for how we solve problems. And for us to understand that everybody's going to get to result differently. We can't just say, here's my system, throw it on them, and it's going to work.


You need to act.


People in the nonprofit world can't slow down and evaluate their work. You slow down, assess your work, and figure out what you could have done better. He believes coaching can help you become more effective and efficient in your work. Tom thinks that's the beauty of coaching. It's straightforward, but it's not easy.


It's one thing if we want to get it done and get it out there. Sometimes action is better than inaction. You're so ingrained in what you're doing that it's hard to step back and remember.

Being Successful.


Tom thinks it's always evaluating where you are. He says you can have success but sometimes that you get lucky, and you have success.


He felt that every time where he had that feeling of like he really was able to sustain and do something significant.


A look at your perspective on leveling up. What do you need to do to see yourself at the next level? What do I need to change about the words I use and the people I spend my time with? You must have a plan.

Getting more Donors and Clients.


You know that many times people who run an agency get in the way of egos. Let me find the most brilliant absolute people I can do the stuff I can't do. And let me know how to make their path clear.

Embodiment your Mission


Your mission is all based on that phrase; what is your Why? Why are we doing this? What is the point of all of this? The why is because you need to make more money, great. Tom thinks having competence in, what your mission is, what your why is, and how you're going to get there makes all the difference.

What is your Why?


Tom wants to help the world figure out how to be better at what they're doing. Because he knows there are a lot of people out there who struggle with, he struggled with it at times. It's going to help you move forward. And so when you have those types of people, it just made my world that much easier.



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