Revenue Accelerator with Tracy Litt

In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Tracy Litt, a mindset teacher and spiritual advisor to female leaders and entrepreneurs. Tracy was destined to serve people on a much deeper level, to help people activate their greatness. I bring enlightenment and empowerment to women so they can become their highest self. Today, Tracy shares her insights on running your mind, so it doesn’t run you and connect with the subconscious to free yourself from limiting beliefs.

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Differentiate people who are succeeding and who aren't.


Always put your focus and attention into why it's so hard and how it's so challenging. And now people are in spending money, and now you're down this rabbit hole of total lack, and it's untrue. You can turn to the other side and show having their best years because their focus and attention is on the long game on having fun and serving and being in the process and not being afraid to pivot when they need to.

Achieving Success.


There are two things to hit your highest levels of success. One is trusting yourself. The other is being the fullest expression of yourself. You need to be connected to that future version of yourself and everything that you've been hoping for done. If you want it, it's already in existence; you need to get out of your own way so that it can arrive and when you start to make choices from that place.

Leveling up your business.


If you want to level up your business, the first thing you need to do is you have to be doing conscious and subconscious work for the mindset to work to real effect. Start learning what it means to do actual mindset work.

Patience is a Virtue.


Impatience will kill your dreams. Therefore, we need to acknowledge you're on this journey and you're moving into the unfamiliar all the time. It's very important to know your mind-body doesn't give anything if you're successful. Start to focus on the outcome and look at the fact that I'm not there yet. Now, start to open myself up to going down the slippery slope of comparison.


When you employ patience and appreciation for that thing that you're working towards, as if it's already with you, now you're in abundance.



You are worthy. You are significant. You matter. You are lovable, and you have all the power, and you've had the power this whole time. You just had to learn it for yourself.


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