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In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Tracy Pohlmann. Tracy is an award-winning speaker, certified trainer, entrepreneur, and personal image expert. She has assisted over 9,000 women in creating a stylish and professional personal image to advance their careers and attract their ideal customers. Today, we will dive deep into what Tracy is doing so her clients can feel great about the way they look, no matter their age, or shape, exude more confidence, and create an impression that makes them shine in their careers.

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Why is it important to pay attention to what we have on and what it does for your business?
People often just throw on clothes without much thought or consideration for how they make you feel. Whatever happens, it's important to look good.
Anytime you have a new outfit, even though it’s not new, it’s newly created, which generates a lot of excitement and fun. It can make you feel like you’re on cloud nine.
Why is it important to have a personal image and branding align with you?
In this day and age, there’s a lot of noise. You’re showing up on zooms with many people. So how will you stand out? Other people are curious about you. Many people are struggling to figure out how they dress now compared to how it was before. Tracy always asks people, who are your ideal customers and clients? Because maybe that’s what you need to do.
Learn how to dress for your body shape. There is no such thing as a perfect body. Face is a good feature. How could you wear certain colors to draw attention up and away from unwanted areas? It helps people see themselves in a new light. Also, the type of purse you should carry is determined by your body. To learn how to dress for that body shape, you start looking at those things.
It’s not about body shame or anything like that, and it’s learning how to dress.
First impressions
People form an opinion of you within seven seconds of meeting you. They are determining whether they want to do business with you or whether they like you. They’re not looking at what’s on the inside or your expertise in those seven seconds. They are judging you on your appearance. Studies have shown that people are attracted to certain people and want to do business with certain people. It doesn’t mean you have to be a model, gorgeous, or anything like that. But when you put on the clothes and feel good about yourself, you stand out. You have confidence, and confidence is contagious. People want to be around confident people, and they want to do business with them.
Leveraging style, scaling your business, and generating more revenue
One of the things you really need to look at is Who are you trying to attract? How do you want to be perceived? Understanding your style personality is important because everyone has a style.
Tracy likes to strictly look at her clients’ styles and what colors look good on them to help them create something they love.

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