Want vs Desire

Check this weeks video out, wanting vs. desiring, and how it can change HOW you achieve your goals…

People wonder why they're not attracting more (insert desire) because they are using the wrong language... learn what you need to shift to attract more abundance.

Time Stamped Show Notes

Hi, it's Cat Stancik, founder of Action Incubator and I'm here to talk to you today about the different in wanting vs. desiring.

The thesaurus pretty much puts them in the same bucket, right? Want, desire, defined the same, but there is a huge difference between wanting and desiring. The different is lack vs. abundance. It's really subtle, but [00:00:30] when you want something you are already in a place of lack. When you desire something you are ready to receive that or something better, which works for me.

How do you get from wanting to desiring?

This one really simple thing that you need to do and that's, shocker… action! For example, if you are hungry, you're in a place of [00:01:00] lack. You want food, but you don't just get food and that fulfills your want. What it is that you're doing is really subtle, you're taking action to achieve a desired state, which means that you're full of food. Hopefully good food. How you do that is the action that you take that creates that desired result.

What I want you to do, oops, I said it. What I desire for you to do is to actually [00:01:30] take the word out of your vocabulary as best you can. Moving from "I want this", to "I desire this" actually has a whole shift in your body and start taking the action to be able to achieve that desired result.

No matter how small, it all counts. If you'd like some extra help, schedule a free call with me and we can get you closer to those desired results. Also, let me know what your desires are. [00:02:00] I love to hear what you guys are doing, accomplishing, where you're getting stuck, so I can help you in my Facebook group. The links are in the emails. Talk to you guys later, bye.

3 key points

  • Wanting is a place of Lack
  • Desire is a place of abundance and readiness to receive
  • Get more abundance by taking more focused action

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