What is complicated?

What are you making more complicated?

There is always a way to make things more simple... especially if you get overwhelmed.


Time Stamped Show Notes

Hi guys. It's Cat Stancik with Action Incubator. I am coming to you live from my business backstage Summit background, as much as you can come live from a background.

Anyway, so today I actually wanted to quickly touch base and ask you as entrepreneurs and business owners and C-Suites and professionals, what is it that you're overcomplicating? Hmm, right? What feels really [00:00:30] overwhelming, really complicated, and what are the steps that you can take to simplify it?

There's a lot of things that I've done to help me kind of simplify things that I'm working on, so whether it's keeping track of things. Your long to-do list, for example, I use simpleology.com. It is great way to be able to keep track of all the things that are in my head so that I'm not waking up at 3:00am in the morning thinking, "I forgot to follow up with the prospect." Or, "Oh my god, I forgot [00:01:00] to send out this information." Or whatever it is that ... or upload something to my website or something like that. It has everything so that I can schedule it.

There's a lot of free resources out there to be able to keep you organized and moving forward. Asana, there's Boot Camp, there's just all kinds of stuff, just Goggle free to-do list or whatever it is. But what are some other things, for example, that are keeping you stuck, because they seem really complicated? [00:01:30] A lot of times there's an easy way to de-complicate it, a lot of times it's because you're too close to it.

Reach out, see if there's anybody in the Facebook group that can help you un-complicate de-complicate whatever the right word is, and let me know what it is that is really overwhelming and complicated for you, because guess what? I'm really good at making things simple and strategic. I'll talk to you guys later.

3 key points

  • Free resources you can use to help you simplify your day
  • Quick strategies to help

Resources Mentioned

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