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What 3 things can you do to help you working ON your business vs. IN your business…

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Hey, guys. Cat Stancik here with Action Incubator. And today I'm here to talk to you about working in your business versus on your business.

Yeah I know, you've heard it a million times, and I know that what has gotten you to this level of success has been boot strapping and working and efforting and hustling. And guess what? You get to graduate.

It is no longer about hustling. [00:00:30] It is no longer about working all the time in your business. It's time to work on your business, because that is how you're going to scale. That is how you're going to leverage. So I know that you is kind, you is smart, and you is special. But you is going to fail if you don't start working on your business vs. always in your business.

So lucky for you, I've got three things you need to do to make sure that you start working more [00:01:00] on your business versus in your business. You have to do these things in order to set yourself up for success to be working more on your business. So those three things look like this:

The first thing is you need to SOP things. This is your standard operating procedures. This is how you do the voodoo that you do. These are very detailed documents, and if you say, "Hey Cat, check. I've already done SOP's." Guess what? Review them. They are [00:01:30] probably not functioning. This is a constant iterative process. Things are learned, things are improved, things are never finished as it relates to improving customer service or doing administrative tasks. I mean, Facebook algorithms change all the time, right? So if you haven't identified and updated who you're targeting, you're probably targeting the wrong people. Because we are always in a state of illusion, always in a state of getting more clarity so that we can work with even more juicy yummy clients. So [00:02:00] that was our first things, SOP's.

Second thing is looking at how and who you hire. Yeah that boring thing. So here's the thing, you could actually save yourself ... ready for this? $50,000. A bad hire can cost you above $50,000 in your business. Do you feel that pain? Because I know it don't matter [00:02:30] how much money you make, $50,000 is gonna hurt. So what are the things that you can do? Because it's great to talk about, "Yeah I need to hire right." Well you can't really read it in a book, but what you can do is do it, experiencing it, learning from your failures, and two, you can save a lot of time by leveraging assessments. Yeah. A $54 assessment can save you a $50,000 mistake. What'd you know? Right? So I love [00:03:00] using the Kolby A index. What is really good is if you follow these steps in process, you'll really figure out what it is that helps ... the characteristics that are needed in order to make the right hire.

So the first one is SOP, the second one is doing the right kind of hiring and leveraging assessments for that, and the third one is my favorite. It's actually delegating. Yeah, you know, you hire someone and you standardize the procedures [00:03:30] in order for them to do that, and then you don't give them the right work to do. Hire and delegate the things that you don't wat to do. You don't want to write copy? Delegate that shit. If you don't want to do the sales in your business, yeah you can delegate that. There are people out there who specialize in the things that you hate doing, so make sure that you're doing the things you love, and delegate everything else.

[00:04:00] So those are my three tips to help you work more on your business versus in your business when you do these things to set yourself up to make sure you can do that. So I know I love repetition, but SOP's, hiring, and delegating. That's it for you guys. So let me know what your thoughts are. If you haven't done it yet, sign up for your strategy call. It's my 30 minute get shit done session, and you can find the link in the email, and I will you talk to you guys soon. Bye!

3 key points

  • Avoid this mistake and save yourself $50,000!
  • Three things you can do to go from working on vs. in your business
  • Hire right by leveraging assessments

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